Need A #GRILL?

Welcome to Wednesday!!!!
So, you know how we bought our first house? 
One thing... We have been SO EXCITED that we would now be able to grill!!!!
Only problem... No grill... 

That was, until my brother graduated college...

Long story short... 
My dad (AVID GRILL MASTER!)  had a grill for ages...  that he gave to my brother when he got his first apartment...  now, my brother just gave it to us...  (he will be getting a new one as a graduation present.)    We were thrilled to go and get it... 
We drove to get it... loaded it up... and by the time we got home... 
The rust had blown off (thanks to riding in the back of a truck)  and we noticed the huge holes left all over the grill...  hey, this is a grill that has been LOVED for years and years... 

My husband decided that he would repair it for the time being....
By buying a grill grate to fit into the grill :)

Gotta Love it!!!!

So........   Yes... we need a new grill... At some point we will get one!!!


  1. Maybe so, but it's still grill time, wooooooot!

  2. Hey better than no grill. Bet you are going to have some yummy dinners on that grill.

  3. That would be so sweet if a company contacted you to review one. I wish we had snapping fingers to review this or that.

    We have 2 grills. One is charcoal and one is gas. I don't think we paid for either of them.

    We don't use them all the time. They are sure handy for get togethers!

    My Dad told me that they black stuff on the meat that you get from grilling isn't good for you. I never know what to believe when I hear things like that.

  4. That makes me smile.
    Glad you now have a grill for your family :)


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