First Day Of School - W/W

You knew I was going to do it..
You totally knew it...
So yeah...
Here is my little one:
First Day of K-4.
(I do know it is the same sign as last year... but hey, he is still in Preschool...and I could not find a K-4 sign and we all know I am not that creative... )

We wanted to find "the place" to take his picture each year...
You know, to see how much he has grown.. but I wanted it to be somewhere so even if it was raining, we could do it!  
I love this kid!!!!


  1. Oh I love this!! What a cute idea, to use the frame like that :) Happy first day of school!!

  2. He'll love being back in school! I personally think my kids are happier when they are busy with school, camps, something.

    Think next year he'll be learning sight words.

  3. What a CUTIE!!!!! Hope he has a fabulous year!


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