Fruttare - Fruit AND Milk? Awesome

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Although school is back in and  summer is "over" in that aspect... 

There is still so much yummy goodness in the frozen foods section at your closest grocery store!  I am not sure if I have mentioned it or not, but my dad LOVES Popsicles .. As in he has to have one every single day at lunch... So, of course, with that, Broxton loves Popsicles as well...   I mean, yearly... NOT just the hotter months... 

Whenever we have time, we do like to enjoy in a nice cool treat as well...
That was why I was so excited to try the latest... Fruttare Fruit Bars! 

The Fruttare Fruit Bars come in a variety of flavors...
They have some with milk :  Peach, Strawberry, Coconut and Banana....
They also have some without milk: Lime, Orange, Strawberry and Mango.

You know me... I am from Georgia and I wanted to try the Peach...
De-lic-ious!!!!  Wow... it was like a frozen peach milkshake, with chunks of peaches in there... all for me... with no mess!!!

Now, as much as I did not want to share ... (that just sounds so rude... but they were so good and we had other treats)  I did go ahead and tell Marc about it... I thought for sure he was going to grab one right then to try it out... but, he decided to go for the Heath Klondike Bars!  I tell you what, whenever we have them, he is all about eating them until they are gone.  I guess he is like me and wanted to get them before someone else did.

Funny thing was that when I decided to stock up on a freezer full of goodies, my brother was here visiting and I think he about fell out when he opened out freezer!  I did have to tell him that it was not normally full of sweet treats, that he just happened to come visit on a good day!
What all did we have in there? 

  • A new frozen fruit bar that is synonymous with a positive outlook on life, just hit shelves for the first time in the U.S. The new Fruttare product line includes two types of frozen fruit bars: Fruttare Fruit and Milk Bars – the first nationally available line of its kind – and Fruttare Fruit and Juice Bars. The delicious Fruttare Fruit and Milk Bars, which are made with real fruit and creamy milk, are available in Strawberry and Milk, Coconut and Milk, Banana and Milk and Peach and Milk varieties, and the refreshing Fruttare Fruit and Juice Bars are available in Strawberry, Mango, Lime and Orange varieties. (We had the Peach and Milk... It was so good!)
  • MAGNUM, the most luxurious ice cream bar, is debuting MAGNUM Gold?! and MAGNUM Mini Double Caramel. MAGNUM Gold?!, the world’s first golden ice cream bar and a uniquely indulgent treat that is truly as good as gold. Featuring silky vanilla bean ice cream swirled with sea salt caramel and dipped in a golden coating made with Belgian milk chocolate, these treatsare sure to unlock life’s greatest pleasures.
    (We went with the double caramel.  Broxton fell in love with them and thought he needed one every day for dessert.  Ummm... No!  But, I do see why he loved them so much...) 
  • Breyers Blasts!, the line known for featuring delicious mix-ins from families’ best-loved candy and cookie brands, is expanding its offerings to include seven new Breyers Blasts! Flavors such as Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints and M&M’S. In addition, there are two new limited-edition seasonal flavors and a new Lactose Free variety.
    (I had a hard time on this one, but ultimately decided that Marc had been working so hard lately and I knew that he would have a huge smile on his face if he opened up the freezer and saw the Banana Split... So, yep... I had to get it for him!  We can never seem to find it in stock!)
  • Good Humor is getting in the holiday spirit with the introduction of the REESE’S Peanut Butter pumpkin-shaped ice cream. The brand is also taking a twist on its classic ice cream bars with the introduction of the new Good Humor Birthday Cake bar, featuring vanilla cake flavored ice cream surrounded by light vanilla ice cream and coated with cake crunch.  ( I want to try the Birthday Cake one, but have not found it yet!  I will tell you, I do love the Reese's ones..  We had the Pumpkin Last year... and the Easter Eggs this year...) 
  • Continuing its new Yosicle line of products, Popsicle is delivering yet another unexpected combination with Yosicle Swirlz! – featuring creamy swirls of Chocolate & Vanilla and Strawberry-Red Raspberry and Strawberry-Banana. Popsicle is also partnering with the bright and cheerful Hello Kitty brand to create new Popsicle Hello Kitty Fun Bunch ice pops.  ( Broxton was so excited when he spotted the Firecracker ones...   So that was what he went with... I know we will be getting the Yosicle soon, as they just look fun and it is all about packaging at his age!)  
  • Klondike brings plenty of nostalgia and variety to every man’s freezer with 11 varieties of classic stickless ice cream bars, 4 delicious flavors of ice cream sandwiches, and Choco Taco treats.  (What did we do before Klondike?  I mean, "what would you do for a klondike bar is a true saying here... We love them.. and I tell you, the new flavors are staples here... I was all about the Heath ones.. but we recently tried the Oreo...  and just spotted and bought the Rocky Road flavors!)

 So tell me...  Are you a fan of frozen treats throughout the year as well?   
Which ones have you tried or would you like to try?       


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