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I have decided that this year is going to be about making more memories... 
Yes, we can give physical gifts ... but at the end of the day, when you look back, are you going to remember the package of Army Men that you opened on Christmas, or are you going to remember the memories of playing with the Army men and daddy?  (Not necessarily those items, but you know what I mean...) 

This year - the boys did not really get many PHYSICAL gifts... but they have memories.

We asked them if they wanted to go to the LSU / UGA game - and that be their Christmas gift...  or they could not go to the game and get physical presents... They chose the game.
I knew I wanted them to open something, so they each unwrapped a picture frame.. Inside the frame was an individual picture of them with their daddy and then their ticket stub.  
They were happy... but what they did not know was that I was planning on making yet another memory....

I had been emailing to get us a chance to go see Gwinnett Gladiators Hockey.  
Then, the day of the event ....  We headed towards the Arena.
We told the boys we were taking them to the Mall and that I needed to stop and ask for directions....  (Luckily they had landscaping people out there so it worked in my favor...)
Then, I parked and we surprised them!!
They were pretty excited and it was a first time thing for all of them!!!

The best part was that we were able to have a behind the scenes tour before hand!!!!  We got to see the guys warming up with hand / eye coordination drills and then we saw it...
THE ZAMBONI!!!!!!!!!   I was thrilled to see that and of course, I had to get a picture of the boys (plus a girlfriend) beside it!!!  This is one that I just LOVE!!!!!

With the Zamboni
They might not have a great record this year, but we did get to see the display case of all of the awards they have won through the years.   
Broxton checking out all of the awards.
 After touring the Arena, we grabbed a bite to eat.  ( I had an awesome philly cheesesteak, some had hot dogs and then a couple had meatball subs.)  I did like that they had drinks you could buy with refills included, as well as a refillable popcorn bucket.    The food was good, but it was their expressions that made it so worth it...  
Okay, maybe this photo isn't a great one, but it makes me laugh!  

This photo melts my heart... and if I heard it once, I heard it several times "THIS IS AWESOME!"  
Our seats were great and it was awesome to be so close to the action!!!  Although I was looking to see a fight and we barely got to see one... It was still a great time!!!

Down close to the action.

The one time I thought we were going to get to see some extra action!!!!

The Gladiators Mascot, Maximus. He is very fan friendly!

End of the match and Broxton was beat!!!!

We had a great time watching the Gwinnett Gladiators!!!
Ticket prices are very affordable and the memories being made ... well, you can not beat that!!!!

Head on over to their site to see the deals that they have...
They have even started "Friendly Fridays" that are great deals!!!!

I know we had a blast and I am so excited that we were able to make memories.
We could have given them cash and it would have been blown on junk... but instead, we made memories that they will always remember!!!!

We were given a great "welcome" gift bag and they all got a souvenir from the game...
(Not to mention Broxton bought a jersey, one bought a hat and then after the game, we had to make a special trip to go buy 2 of them hockey sticks and they had a couple practice matches in our garage!!!!)   

Thanks to the Gwinnett Gladiators for a memorable time and I know we will be headed back soon!!!
Make sure you look into getting tickets - there are a few more games left this year- or plan on buying tickets next year.  If you are not near Atlanta, you should plan a trip to visit and make sure you go see the Gladiators play!!!!


  1. That is such a fun thing for all the boys to be able to do! You probably were entertained by watching the kids enjoy themselves as much as the Glads. :)

  2. That looks fun. I've never been to a hockey game before. I got tickets once. We were going to go to see a game, but Isaak got sick. I had to stay home.

  3. That was an amazing surprise, and you fantastic to do it!!! I love the story. :)

  4. What an experience! And your little guy is just soo adorable!
    Glad were able to pull this off!

  5. I can't believe we've never been before! Maximus looks so cute and friendly! What a fun experience!


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