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Now that the holiday season is behind us, what is next?
For us, we still have cold days ahead... and talk about cold... It is supposed to be like 9* next week.  
(For some of you Northerners, we are not used to that cold...) 

Since we will not be going outside much during this time...  We need to go ahead and decide what fun indoor activities we would be doing...
So glad that we were sent two new (to me) games....

They are from the bananagrams family and I am telling you... 

This is so cute and fun!!!!
While the boys were here, I pulled out Appletters and two of us played for a while.  
This is such a fun game... It reminded me of another game that we have played, but I love that  this is such a great game for travel.  You just throw the tiles in the little bag and go... 
The one draw back for me?  The scoring tiles ---   you have to keep up with the little piece of paper that tells the score.  I would like to see that laminated, or at least an inner pocket made to hold it.  But honestly, that was the only thing... and we thought it was awesome!!!! 

 In Appletters, you have to make words and you can only make it like a worm.  You can't just make a word anywhere, it has to be at the start or the end....   That makes the challenge a bit more exciting!!!!
The scores for Appletters - We played, but did not keep score.  It was just as fun and this way, Broxton was able to "play" with us!!!  He had a blast as well!!!! 
The other game we were sent was Pairs in Pears.  We have not really played it that much... but I love that there are several games to play in one.  It is neat that they include a sheet that tells you several different activities to keep kids of all ages entertained!   

 I like Pairs in Pears as we have been able to work with words.  I know that this would be great to work with Broxton and his site words... Also, you can use it to teach the different words and how changing one letter will change the whole word.   This is not only going to be a great game, but a fun teaching tool!!!
We have really had a great time working with the games so far... Like I said, I love that it is such an easy game to take when travelling.  I love the size... and of course, I love the packaging!!!!

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Have you played any of the games from the Bananagrams family?


  1. Well it's just downright cold everywhere, almost, isn't it?? My second oldest got back to Palm Beach and called to tell me he was going to the beach. He's a brat. ;)

    This game looks fun!

  2. We have Bananagrams. It's a game my daughter and I enjoy playing, and I love the banana bag it comes in.

  3. No, we haven't played these before. What a fun family game to play! Definitely a great way to spend quality family time together!


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