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If you remember my trip to Americas Mart, you remember that I had a great time and learned about several new products and companies...
I was lucky enough to meet a really awesome and energetic lady that had a pretty cool product for me to share with you... Zazzy Pals!!!

What Is Zazzy Pals, you might be asking...
Well, Zazzy Pals is so neat.   It is packaged in a way to grab your attention...
Zazzy Pals Canine Cardz is full of fun!!!
Inside each package, you have cards, color pencils, a notepad and 4 rubber bones. 
But that is not where it ends...
That container full of excitement gives you 8 games of fun... plus tips on drawing your own dogs!!!
I thought it was only instructions for like 5 dogs, but the cards have different dogs on the other side!!!!

Eight Games To Play:
  • Mutt Match
  • Go Fetch
  • Woof
  • Zazzy 3’s
  • Stay
  • Pass That Pooch
  • Bones
  • Dog Catcher

    The Fun:
    • 8 Ways to Play, 15 minutes of family fun per game
    • Grab-it Dog Bones for
      high action
    • Learn to draw dogs, too!
    • 12 colored pencils and sketch pad included
    • Easy, classic play patterns

Broxton decided that he was going to shuffle the cards for us to play.
I love that the cards are very colorful and we were able to use them in several different ways.
  • Reinforces reading, color recognition, matching, visual discrimination, fine motor skills and visual memory

He was so focused on the game... Or at least he tried to be!!!
I do believe that his favorite game was "Go Fetch" and we had to play it at least a few times to start.
I love that the games are all quick and fast... Great for those with little attention spans and also for a quick game while waiting on food ... or even for a quick game before bed!!!

We really have been having a great time and are planning on doing a game night at least once a week now!
What better time than during the cold days/ nights to get more family time in?

This would be a great game for kids of all ages - says ages 5 and older on there, so there is NO limit!!!
Also makes a great gift for the pet lover in the family!!!!

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  1. Fast games like this are perfect for those times when you only have a few minutes but want to do something fun w/the kiddos (like when you're waiting for something to cook).

  2. It looks like a lot of fun things to do. Isaak would love that!

  3. Some of those games for young children are torturous for parents, but this looks like fun!

  4. What a great little package! I love that it teaches how to draw dogs. This is perfect to pull out on a rainy day!


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