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Let me get your opinion on something...
You know how it has been so cold lately?  Well, school was supposed to start back on Tuesday for us... But, due to the cold weather, they cancelled school and have us planning to go back on Wednesday.

I personally think that is fine... Now, I know that northern states are used to cold and laugh at us for cancelling school because of temperatures.  (It was 6* this morning, with the wind chill at -6*) but like I said, I am fine with them cancelling...

1 - Because we were not sure if the roads were going to ice over... and that ICE STORM years ago still has a fear in me...
2 - Because they were unsure that the buses would start.  I guess there is something that the north does to prepare their buses, I heard it costs around $70 PER bus to get this taken care of...  Our education budget is so messed up already, I don't see the need to pay that for an "IN CASE" situation...
3 -  Some kids do not have appropriate clothing for this weather, why send them out in it?
4 -  What if the power went out at school, like it did in many homes, then the parents would be blaming the school system for that too..
5 - Lots of water pipes bursting, what if it was at the school?
6 - If they had to shut down the schools because of the weather, then what would the kids do that were there and had to get home?

I just feel like you can't be too safe with our kids today...
There is enough going on each day that closing down one day for cold weather really can't be the end of the world.  I know it is hard for parents that work and would have to take a day off or seek childcare elsewhere, but luckily for us, we have not had to deal with that...

I hope you all are staying warm where you are...
Have you ever heard of closing school because of the temperature being so low?


  1. I think a few of our schools in NJ have closed because of the cold weather. I hadn't thought through the reasons for it, so thanks for sharing your list. You make valid points!

  2. Bah, we're on our third day off this week. The kids were jumping for joy when the call came in last night. :)

  3. Even here in LA they've closed school because of icy roads and just a mere dusting of frost :)
    Just imagine up there!

    Yes it's a good idea to close, but I do understand it's tough on parents. Hopefully bosses step up to the plate and understand these situations.

  4. I was really only super cold for us on Mon. I had taken the day off already because the boys went back to school on Tues. The schools that did start on Mon. had a snow day.

    The snow happened on New Years Day. It was a different event. It wasn't slippery, or icy. Just a dusty, making it hard to see kind of a snow.

    I do think it's funny that the south freaks out with the weather. I lived there. They shut down everything for one little snow, that wasn't slick. But I also get what you are saying to. I get that they don't have all the same snow gear that we have hear. You are right it is better to be safe than sorry.

  5. While they didn't cancel in my hometown, they cancelled up in PA where I go to school (college is still on break thank god) because it was in the negatives. My boyfriend and cousin have frozen pipes, so glad i'm on vacation in TN and not in PA. Good thing they kept the kids safe down there :)

  6. We've been lucky. It's pretty warm here so we don't have to worry about weather closures and unsafe roads because of snow/ice. Just bad drivers. :)

  7. Love your blog with all the great advice and awesome giveaways!!


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