What's Going On?

Sorry that you guys have been a bit neglected lately....
It has been hectic around here (to say the least) and I have been enjoying spending time with family...
Wondering what we have been up to?

Well, besides being sick...
Yes, you know how it goes... Going back and forth to my hometown... and then the weather changing, I ALWAYS get a cold...   so, I was not really able to visit with many family members... (Will totally be trying to make up for that soon!)

Up first: 
The Annual Army Party...
I was able to get a good picture of the boys for our Christmas cards and we had a great day visiting.
They had Marc dress up as Santa and give toys to all the kids....  It was funny, as Broxton IMMEDIATELY recognized it was his daddy!!!!  He did not ruin it for the others, but I thought it was pretty funny!
The boys.
A surprise party for my Mema.  
Her birthday is on Christmas, so she never really gets to celebrate HER birthday... 
This year, she turned 80 and my mom and aunt decided to surprise her and throw her a party!!!
They had her thinking she was going shopping and they were going to grab a bite of lunch first.  She walked in to lots of her relatives and then the ladies in her Sunday School class.  She was indeed surprised and I think she had it out for my mom and aunt for a bit, as she is really not one to do well with surprises!!!!

She is a wonderful person and a great Mema, so she totally deserved it!!!!
My Aunt, My Mema and My Mom.

The boys came up for Christmas break and although my quiet house of 3 turned into a loud and not a dull moment house of 7, it was great as there was lots of laughter and love.  I loved that we were able to all go to church together for Christmas Eve and the boys got to see Broxton in the Christmas program that night...
He was a Wiseman.
Christmas Day had our house totally full and it was wonderful!!!  My parents and my brother came over and we had a great Christmas Day lunch at our house.  It was awesome for me, as it was our first Christmas in our new home... and it was just really special that they made the trip to come up for it.  What made it even better?  My grandmother gave me her Christmas dishes and we were able to eat off of them this year!
I tell you, sentimental things mean the world to me!!!!
The boys with my parents.
But - I am slowly coming back to blogging... School is about to start back up, family has headed home...
Hope your New Year is starting off great!!!!


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