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Time to admit something, I had never heard of Adventure Time until we were sent a 16 episode DVD for review from the Cartoon Network.  Broxton had heard of it, but had never seen it...  Truth be told, we have still yet to watch it.  But I guess we will be watching it soon.


The DVD includes the following episodes:
1 - The Suitor
2 - Shh!
3 - Another 5 Short Graybels
4 - Wizards Only, Fool
5 - Be More
6- Sky Witch
7- The Vault
8- Red Starved
9- Hug Wolf
10- Beyond this Earthly Realm
11- King Worm
12- Morituri Te Salutamus
13- Heat Signature
14- Blood Under the Skin
15- Marceline's Henchmen
16- James Baxter the Horse

I admitted to a friend that I had never heard of the show and he was shocked!  He said that they loved it and it was actually quite funny.  I guess I need to check it out soon!  


  1. This is such an odd cartoon, but also so interesting!

  2. this looks like a really weird cartoon that my daughter would really like!

  3. I've seen it. My older kids like it.

  4. This is my son's favorite show. I tolerate it.

  5. I have no idea what's so funny about this show, but my kids love it. I've tried watching it , but just get lolly eyed :)


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