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If you remember a post from a couple of weeks ago, I told you I was going to be surprising Broxton with a trip to Wizard World - Comic Con when it came to Atlanta...   He was so excited to go,as we took Marta down there and he was "excited to be on a train!"   If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you saw some of the highlights of our day, but I wanted to share more with you guys!!!  

I was totally walking in blind, as I had NO CLUE what to expect, so it was going to be a fun adventure for us both!   When we first got to Comic Con, we walked in and already saw a few different types of people... Of course, some were dressed up, but no where near what I thought we would see.  Broxton already had in his mind that he wanted to see any of the characters from STAR WARS... and of course, he wanted to show he was brave if he came across any Zombies!!!  

As we entered the actual Exhibit Hall :
It was every comic fans dream!
There were booth after booth after booth of basically anything and every thing comic related..
I wanted to try and walk up and down each aisle to see what all was available - but when your 5 year old sees SPIDER MAN!!!  You break up that thought process and you head over to see what Spider Man is doing!   
Broxton thought it was pretty cool to see a "REAL LIVE RACE CAR" so we had to take a picture of that.
(Most of the photo ops like this came with a price.. You could take a free picture from behind the ropes, or you could pay to get closer... We opted for freebies!)
The BATMOBILE was in there!  They had a few people dressed up from Batman there, so of course they got plenty of photos of them in front of it...   Everyone was taking pictures, so I had to get in on it as well!  
Everywhere that we turned, people were dressed up.  We were able to see Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man, Frankenstein, A Green Power Ranger and all sorts of people dressed up that I have NO CLUE who they were.  
At one point, we heard the squeals of about a million teenage girls... I had to see what it was and it ended up being some group of boys known as "THE FAM TOUR."  Come to find out, they are some internet sensation that got famous from posting VINE VIDEOS.  I immediately had flash backs to when I was a kid and saw New Kids On the Block!!!   Every time they walked around, girls were screaming... and it cracked me up to hear them yelling "HE TOUCHED MY HAIR!"  and all the other things they were saying as they walked by!  
I will admit, I really wanted to see Norman Reedus.  (AKA DARYL ON WALKING DEAD)   We love that show and I thought it would be awesome to see him...  He had a line a mile long... and we only saw him in passing...
BUT -- lucky us..  he walked by at one point and sprayed silly string on us...  
Then, he turned around and gave the bottle to Broxton and told him to make sure he had fun and sprayed everyone!
Of course, Broxton was THRILLED with that and everyone around us was talking about how cool it was that Broxton was given a gift from Norman Reedus himself!  
A bit later, we were actually lucky enough to get a picture of Broxton and Norman Reedus!  As he walked by, Broxton told him thank you for the Silly String!  Norman stopped and bent down to take a picture with him, where he then gave him a necklace... (That we then found out was the beads from when he was the Grand Marshall at the Mardi Gras parade this year!)  Talk about one of a kind keepsakes!  
Talk about a 2 for one!!!  We were also able to grab a photo of Broxton with Michael Rooker - AKA MERLE ON WALKING DEAD-  
I hate to admit this one, but a new to me person --- Milo Ventimiglia.  He was SUPER NICE.
We walked by his booth and noticed that he ALWAYS had a huge smile on his face and was just so very nice to everyone that came by.  So, we stopped in when he wasn't busy to say hello.  I complimented him on his great attitude all day long - he seemed to NEVER take a break!  He asked our names, used them in speaking with us and was generally a very nice guy... After we walked away, I had to google to see if I was familiar with him that just wasn't ringing a bell at that time...   Then, we went back to chat once I found out that he was the voice of Wolverine.  He remembered our name and chatted again, talking to Broxton about being Wolverine!  (Broxton thought that was the coolest thing ever and has told LOTS of people that "he met WOLVERINE!")  
Now, this was just too cool to me and Broxton will hopefully appreciate it when he gets a bit older...
BRIAN MUIR  ---  He met BRIAN MUIR - THE SCULPTOR OF DARTH VADER (and several others... but for us - DARTH VADER and STORM TROOPERS - it doesn't get better than that!)
Mr. Muir was so very nice and even offered to get up to take a picture with Broxton. 
One person that we were excited to see was THE BIG SHOW from WWE.  He was even bigger in person than I even imagined.   We weren't able to get a picture with him, but did get one as he walked by! 
All in all, we had a great time!  We went in not sure what to expect and left with great memories!
The majority of the area was all of the booths of comic things...
From shirts for sale to masks...  Jewelry to "weapons"
You could meet different comic book artists / authors and there were several illustrators there.
I was not familiar with their names, but as soon as I saw their works, I knew them.
It was very much a learning experience to see all of the cool things... and I am so glad that I was able to get Broxton's picture with the few that we did.

For the celebrities, you could buy a package.. You could do an autograph package where you stood in line and could pick a picture and they would sign it for you... Or you could do the picture package where you could get your picture taken with them.    They had such a great variety of celebrities at the Atlanta one.  Any Doctor Who fans would be happy to know that they had someone there... as well as others.
At one point, this guy walked by- we said "hello" to one another and then as he passed it hit me.. I KNEW HIM --  It was none other than Hercules -Mr. Kevin Sorbo!

I will say that I was so impressed with the attitudes of the celebrities.  I am not sure how all of them acted, but I did take note with Norman and Milo...  EVERY SINGLE TIME we went by their booths, they were laughing and joking and having a great time.  It really seemed like they truly cared about each person that they spoke with and in the one on one time with them, it really did seem like that person they spoke with was the only person around that mattered.  You know, (especially with me and my love for celebrities)  if you meet a celebrity and they think they are better than everyone else, it really rubs me wrong and you lose a fan... Since meeting the ones we did - I can honestly say that they have gained a more dedicated fan now...
I just honestly wish I would have gotten their autographs now, as it would be a great keepsake for Broxton to go with his pictures...Maybe one day!  

So - if you are in / near a Wizard World - Comic Con area - I think you would have a blast to go and make lots of memories!  I know we did and look forward to next year too!
Make sure you visit WIZARD WORLD to see if they are headed your way - FYI- PHILADELPHIA is THIS WEEKEND (June 19-22)


  1. It looks like it was a great time for everybody! B really seemed to enjoy it!

    1. We both had a blast :)
      It was so fun.. but I don't know about doing all 3 days with a 5 year old

  2. i love things like this! i wanted to go to comic con but we never got around to it this year!!

    1. We had never heard of it until this year...
      So glad we did hear though :)

  3. It looks like you had a great time!

  4. I've never been to a comic con before. It looks like fun. It must be one of my students skipped my final to go to one in KC. She then failed my class. Oh well.

    Isaak would love to see Spiderman!

    1. It was so fun! It was neat to see everyone... but it was funny to see these people wearing all these costumes :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I don't have Instagram, so I'm so glad you posted about it here. What fun!! we've been curious about these events too, and how they might play out in person. It looks like so much fun, and you got some very cool photo opps!

    1. It was fun.... I can not wait until next year ;)

  6. What an amazing, memorable experience! I'm not big into comics but would like to attend an event like that someday. So glad to hear the celebrities were nice.

    1. They were so nice! It was fun to go to and see everyone..

  7. I am so glad that your first trip to comic con was such fun and a huge success for Broxton. You sure made a lot of memories for him that day! My son has actually traveled to Atlanta from here in NC for it, but he goes to another "con" here for gamers now.

    1. It was so fun! He is already asking when we can go back :)

  8. We don't watch Walking Dead, so I don't know most of the actors you named. Still, I can imagine the fun! Love the picture of Broxton with "Wolverine." He looks as though he's going to burst!


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