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I have mentioned before that I am a steward for our local Little Free Library... I was so happy to have the opportunity to work with them... and the big day is almost here!  This Saturday, June 21st at 1pm - We are doing the dedication and will be putting the books in there!
Before the dedication, I did want to take a minute to thank the people that helped me make this day possible:
My friend Alissa at Planet of the Apels.  She was the one who got me in touch with the correct people to make this day happen!
 The BookWorm of Powder Springs.  This place is awesome...  It is a book store of new and used books... and they donated books to help get the library started and we are already working to make sure that we work together to keep things going!
Our Local Home Depot.   They supplied us with some of the items we needed to get the library installed, as well as with a bit of manual labor in getting things taken care of.

Broxtons former K3 teacher, Mrs. Chickvara.  She donated books from her class to get the library going! 
Atlanta Harley Davidson.  They are not only allowing us to put the library there on their property, they are going to be working with me to keeping the library in great condition... and it all starts THIS SATURDAY at their KIDS DAY!!!!   

The Book Worm of Powder Springs.

Home Depot was great and jumped on board to get things going great!  

Marc working on getting the prime spot for the library!

Broxton and Marc working on installation of the Little Free Library.
Broxton working with daddy on the Little Free Library.
Little Free Library Installation COMPLETE!  

The last thanks is the biggest.  
A HUGE thank you to Marc for getting the library built for me!  I asked him to help me out and he jumped right into it with no questions asked!  He was able to build it for me... and then install it at the Harley Dealership for me to make sure it was set and ready to go for Saturday!  

I really hope that this Little Free Library has great success in our community.  In a day where technology is everywhere, I am fighting so hard for hard copy books not to die away!  Not to mention that seeing a child reading is one of the greatest things you can witness!
Don't forget- this Saturday, June 21st... 
Harley Davidson of Atlanta.  
Little Free Library Dedication at 1 pm.  
Come hang out and enjoy kids day!  
(Kids day will have arts and crafts and even a BLOW UP MECHANICAL BULL!)  

We are going with a "Book or a Buck" 
Feel free to bring either one to donate and help the library be a great success!

501 Thornton Rd
Lithia Springs, Ga  


  1. I'm glad you opted to do this. My husband looked at me and said, "What are you trying to get me into?" He's been so busy with the Flock House project, and has a show in the fall he's been trying to get his stuff ready for that. I think The Little Library is such a fun thing to have around. You do a lot of book reviews, so you could add a book at times.

  2. That is just like the box my son and I saw in front of a house (by the street) near a park we go to... ha! I wonder if it's the same, it must be. How cool! I love that you did this too!

  3. This is fantastic!!!
    I love books so much and always want to see a place for real live books for families!!!


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