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For any of you that are making vacation plans to come to Atlanta... or are planning an awesome staycation...  Head up 400 a few exits and check out the newest thing to Alpharetta... Main Event!  

We were invited to attend the celebrations to prepare for their Grand Opening and we had a blast!!!  For those not sure what Main Event is, let me tell you... Bowling.  Arcade. Laser Tag. Ropes Course. Food. Drinks.  All in one place!   Working in a sports bar for years, I always look to see if there is somewhere to watch whatever sporting events are on TV and they have you covered!  

One thing I liked? The big screens.  At one point, they had music playing in the bowling area and on the big screens they had the music video that went with the song playing.  I thought that was great.  They also had smaller screens that would show your score and the screens beside them also showed the music videos.  One bonus I really liked for the bowling?  You could pick the them you wanted to go with ... They had kid themes (we went with sports, although I totally forgot to take a picture of it.  I know, Blogger fail, but I honestly got caught up in the game... )  I did enjoy knowing that they also had the little ball guide / slide thing. I am not sure what it is called, but Broxton did use it from time to time to help him with his game.   Rumor has it that they will be ordering more soon, so that is a great thing!   

Of course, after bowling, he was itching to get on the game floor... We played a little of this and a little of that.. I noticed they had an updated version of a game I played as a kid... This was where you had to whack the villian...  and he enjoyed it, but quickly made his way to other games!!!

Being a huge fan of Ford Mustangs, he spotted where he could race a Mustang and we went head to head on a fun racing game!  (No clue what he is looking at, I think the videographer was behind me recording, so he might have been checking that out... )   I enjoyed how most games had where you could move the seat up to let them have a better reach on the pedals, although I did notice on the Mario game he still could not reach, but they had where you could hit AUTO for kids unable to reach to still be able to play!
The games offered varied from Air Hockey to Basketball, Flight Simulator (He LOVED flying the helicopter) to the Typhoon game where you picked your roller coaster ride (I posted an Instagram video of that one!  He looked terrified, but he sure enough rode it over and over again!  It had like 11 "rides" to choose from  and he had a blast!)  They also had classics such as Pacman, connect four, wheel of fortune and so many more!  Many games come with winning tickets - we never made it into the ticket redemption area, but I did see it!  

As I mentioned, we were there for the Grand Opening, so we were able to hear them talk about being happy to be in Georgia... and then they even presented The Boys and Girls Club with a check so that they could bring kids out to have fun!    

It was pretty neat when they had all of the "big shots" grab a ball and a lane to bowl the ceremonial ball to open the lanes!  

After the excitement of watching them cut the ribbon and "open" for business, we were treated to a great lunch that was so very tasty!  We had everything from cheese dip (their guacamole was awesome)  to fruit, shrimp to chicken skewers, macaroni and cheese and so very much more!  Broxton had a little of this and a little of that...   We both left full and ready to go back and order more ! 

Before we left, I did want to check out their Pizzaria.  It was calle la bella's and they are in a perfect location if you want to grab more of a "snack" option, or a soda.  FYI- their pizza is delicious and VERY filling.  

Finally, I wanted to close with something sweet... If you are near here, you know it has been pretty warm lately... Nothing better than the delicious gelatto they offer!  We sampled a few flavors and I ended up going with the Sea Salt flavor... While Broxton enjoyed the chocolate. I do want to go back and try strawberry, but that day I just was not feeling it.
Let me know- are you a fan of bowling with the kids?  


  1. WHAT FUN!! I used to enjoy bowling a lot, but haven't been in years. But we don't have anything like this to entice me. I think it's a most definite fun for all ages kinda place.

    1. It sure is! It is fun for kiddos all the way up to the kid in us with all adults!

  2. What a fun event. I've never been to a ribbon cutting event except at the college where I worked. I think it'd be fun to do it for a business! I like the bowling lights and the apparatus they offer to help bowl. I've seen those but never used one for my little guy (yet).

  3. It's fun going bowling with the family. The only downside is when the lanes are all filled up when you go.


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