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If you remember, some time ago I had the chance to review a journal from Journals Unlimited...  I was recently sent a new journal and I think this is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!!! The latest?  It is "My Lifelong Journal of Firsts"  I think that this is a great journal to have to keep memories of your life, or for your kid...  I know a friend of mine documented every "first" that her baby did, but I will admit, I tried to do it but somewhere along the way, I stopped... Sure, we still have firsts going on, but I was not writing them down... Now, I can!  
One main thing I like is that they make the journal on a spiral ring binding instead of a book.  This is great for me, as I can fold it to a single page when I am doing my entries and it makes it easier for me to write.  They give you plenty of space to write down in your entries, I think that is great, so if you have big handwriting, you are okay, or if you are like me and have a hard time writing in few words, you still have room to write it all out.  Another bonus?  They even have places that you can add a photo to remember the moment (or you can even use it as a scrapbooking area) If you are really creative, you could use it as a place to draw or write more memories.  
This was pretty cool to me, it has a list of different firsts to get your mind racing on things you want to document.  On the actual pages, it has entry area's such as:
What I Did For The First Time
Who Share the Moment With Me
Why I Decided to Do It / How It Happened....

A couple final things that make this journal stand out from others:
Recycled Paper
Soy Based Ink
Hard Cover
and most important to us...

This would be a great journal to give a student headed off to college...
Or to a friend going on a trip...
Maybe you want to document your own personal adventure...
Whatever the case may be, write it down...
You will love to look back on it later.


  1. This is great! Yes, it's more than a baby book: it would be good as a graduation gift or for parents of children just starting school. It would even work for students starting high school, so they can document those years.

  2. That is a cool journal. Betcha it could spark some good blog posts too. :)

  3. I'd like this! How cool! I wrote way more down about Mica as a baby than Isaak. Then again I started the blog when Isaak was itty bitty, and didn't have it at all when Mica was a baby.


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