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I love being able to read and share memories with Broxton... but I also think of great keepsake books for when he has kids... One that is new to us, but is for sure to be put up to pass along down the way?  The Walt Disney's Classic Storybook.  This is a hard back book (with the silver edged pages to give it a little bit of a classic feel)  is one that is sure to be a must have for all Disney lovers... 

The classic stories in this book include:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, The Adventures of Mr. Toad, Bambi, The Flying Car, Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, Alice in Wonderland, Pluto Pup Goes to Sea, Peter Pan, Three Little Pigs, Lady, Old Yeller, Sleeping Beauty, Manni the Donkey, Donald Duck's Toy Sailboat, The Jungle Book and  Herbie the Love Bug.   
Each story starts with a simple cover page with the name and an illustration... but as you turn the page, you are immediately taken back in time to your childhood and the memories flood....  
There were a couple stories that I had no clue about or I honestly had no idea that they were from Disney... One new to me story?  The Flying Car...  I think (based on the title) that Broxton would really enjoy this, so we will be reading this at bedtime soon!!!

Do you agree that the Disney Classic Storybook would make a great keepsake book?  


  1. We have some Disney classics, and my mom has the book you reviewed. Mica loves to read the stories.

  2. Oh, that does sound like a cool book. That one is right up my alley!!


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