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When I think of "Heroes" there are several come to mind... 
Of course my husband is one: great husband, father, friend and the fact that he is an Army Soldier just puts him over the top.  To be honest, all military are pretty heroic in my opinion... but that is not what this post is about... 
I do not think I have ever seen my dad in a t-shirt.  EVER.  So, I thought the other Hero in our life would be perfect to wear this!  Doesn't he just look like a Superman to you?
Today, I want to share one of the unsung heroes in my life.  My dad.  
I was recently informed of a pretty cool website where you can share with the world the Hero in your life...   It is called the Superman Hall of Heroes and as soon as I saw this site, I immediately thought of my dad.    I know I have never shared this with you and I am not going to go into all the personal details.. but- Long story short... My dad is my hero... Why?  Because he did not have to be.  
You see, my dad married my mom when I was 4 years old.  He not only chose to marry her... but he chose to include me as HIS DAUGHTER.  He adopted me.  From that moment on, he was my daddy... His family treats me like blood and that is all that matters... I am not any different from the rest of them.  (Okay, I didn't get the olive skin tone that comes with being Italian, but that is it.)   
Growing up, I had the best life... and even now it just keeps getting better.  He has raised me right... He treats the boys great. He is a great father in law to Marc.
I am lucky to not only have him as a wonderful daddy to me... 
I am SO BLESSED to have him as an amazing Papa to Broxton!   
Broxton and Papa.
You might wonder why I immediately thought of him when I saw the site...
Well, as a kid, this awesome daddy of mine used to tie towels around his neck and mine... and we would run all over the house being "SUPER-MANNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"    So much so that when Broxton was born, Marc spotted a little super man out fit and he had to buy it for Broxton to have to be able to have the Superman memories with Papa.
Now, if you head over to the Superman Hall of Heroes site you have a couple different options to submit your hero.  There are packages ranging from $4.99 up to $49.99.   They even have a store for the Superman in your life... Ranging from t-shirts to water bottles and a couple styles of hats sure to make the Hero smile!  
Some of the Superman Hall of Heroes Products for sale.  
If you could share it with the world...
Who would you say was your hero???
Luckily for Broxton he has a few pretty awesome Heroes in his life!  
I loved the gift box that your products arrive in!  
I think that this would be a great gift idea (think Birthday or even Just because) for the Hero in your life!


  1. My gram was my hero. She's been passed for awhile, but she's still my biggest influence.

    I like your pictures here, and it's very clear that you are a very blessed/happy family. :)

  2. We watched Superman the original movies on our trip.


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