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Are you smarter than a 5th grader?  Do you remember what all you were taught in school?  I know I don't remember that much ... I know that is sad to say, I know the basic things for survival and common sense, but as far as the other facts that we were taught, I have a hard time remembering any of that!
I get paranoid when I think about Broxton starting school ... Will it come back to me, or will I be up late night reading through his books to know what to prepare for the next lesson?  
PLEASE - TELL ME Moms and Dads... HOW DID YOU DO IT?  

Luckily for Broxton, Marc loves History and all of that good stuff - so he is set when it comes to that subject.  To be honest, the older I get, the more I see that I am enjoying the little bits of information I am relearning!   I think I will be reading each section at night when he goes to sleep, so I can be prepared for the next days questions.. but until then... we have a new set of books to help out!

I am so happy to have a great relationship with the people over at Sterling Publishing...
They sent me part of their new series of books - Good Question!
In each book, we are presented with a great deal of facts, but it isn't as boring as it used to be to me.
I love that they incorporate a photograph or an artistic illustration on every other page.
On one page, you have the question (or questions) being asked... with the answer below it... and on the opposite page, an image to accompany what we read about.
The end of the book also presents us with a time line of the subject we just read about!

Up first?  We have two books that fall into the HISTORY category:

Image Credit - Sterling Publishing
Good Question - What Was America's Deadliest War?
Age Range - 7 and older 
Who fired the first shots in the American Civil War? Where were the fiercest battles fought? How did Lincoln free millions of slaves with one document? Acclaimed author Martin Sandler answers all these and other “must-know” questions about the war that pitted brother against brother and tore the United States apart.

Image Credit - Sterling Publishing 
Good Question - Who Were the American Pioneers?
Age Range - 7 and older
Westward ho, with the American pioneers! Why did pioneer families risk it all to move west? Who settled the frontier towns of the Wild West? Did pioneer children go to school? Kids will love learning about the dangerous journey, the Gold Rush, the building of the railroad, cowboys, and much more about this important period in US history.

Both of these books reminded me of facts I had long ago forgotten (or maybe I never learned them, I am still not sure!)  Questions range from "What did the pioneers pack into their wagons?"  to "What was gold fever?"  or "Why did the South rebel?"  and "Did young boys fight in the war?"  You are sure to have inquisitive kids wanting to learn more!  I think that the text/images rotating back and forth was a great way to keep their attention!

I am very excited to see what other books come out in the GOOD QUESTIONS series!
(Come back tomorrow to learn about a couple more I was sent for review!)  


  1. I wasn't up reading books until they started middle school Math. It was all downhill from there. ;) hahahaha Kidding! sort of. ;)

  2. Mica would love these. Last time we were at the library he picked out all history and biography books.

    1. I wish I had taken an interest in history when I was younger...

  3. I never was crazy about history class and I hated math.These look like good books for kids!


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