Mens Vaseline - Great #FathersDay gift idea #Giveaway (ARV $150)

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Remember how I told you Marc was such a fan of the Vaseline Mens lotion?  Well, he was sure enough surprised when I gifted him a nice grooming kit for an early Fathers Day gift!    If you know Marc, you know that he CONSTANTLY has dry hands and is always putting lotion on his hands and feet...   Ever since he received his first Spray Lotion from Vaseline, he always has one near him.  He keeps one by the bed for when he gets ready for bed and when he wakes up.. and then he keeps another bottle in the living room for when he is just relaxing with the family!  

Key Features and Benefits:
       A convenient 360° continuous spray lotion that moisturizes deeply and absorbs in seconds
       Skin will feel instantly soft and moisturized – not sticky or greasy
       Fast to apply, quick to absorb
       Targeted spray dispenses lotion quickly and evenly to leave skin feeling great

I was given the opportunity to work in a review of Vaselines Spray line and a nice "grooming kit" for Fathers day...  I was so excited, since he travels with work and everything, he needs a nice little travel bag...  He has a small one that he uses, but to be honest, they have not ever really lasted that long... I think because at times he tries to pack it full of everything he may need and there really isn't that much room...
Until I won wife of the year award for this year!
You know how I said I gifted him with a nice grooming kit?
Yeah - well let me just tell you about it...

The box arrived and I was honestly thinking it was going to be a little rinky dink travel bag...
Nope- it was a nice heavy duty one!
It is a nice sized black bag that has an inside zippered pocket (sort of 
small)  and then an additional outer zippered pocket as well.  It is long (and wide) enough to place not one, but two of the Vaseline spray bottles in the bottom, with PLENTY of room left over...  So much room inside that they surprised us with a really nice Casio G Shock Watch inside! 

Outer Zippered Pocket
Inside Zippered area
Casio G SHOCK Watch
To be honest, I was excited to be getting more lotion for him... (He works with his hands all the time, who am I to hinder him from having nice soft hands for me to hold and for him to play with Broxton?!)  The bag was a great addition to the gift and then the watch put it over the top!  He was so excited for it all and you can imagine how much he loved being treated to an early Fathers Day!

Do you want to win a nice set like this for someone you know and love?
It will not arrive in time for Fathers Day...but it would make a great "just because" gift...Or you could even give the lotions to him now and save the watch and travel bag for another occasion!

Marc says that the Fast Absorbing is his favorite, but truth be told, he loves them both as he really has no preference over them, just as long as they continue to get the job done - which is to moisturize his skin and not leave a greasy feeling ! 

Prize Pack -
ARV- $150 

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  1. This would make a great gift!

  2. This would make a great gift! The fast absorbing sounds better, the people in my family hate when lotion takes forever to soak in.

  3. This would make a great gift, thanks for the chance!

  4. Fast Absorbing sounds best to me! I hate feeling all greasy.

  5. That sounds great for a lot of men.

  6. I think my Husband would prefer fast absorbing.

  7. im going to go with fast cooling! thanks !!! xoxo

  8. Fast cooling is what I think it great!

  9. Fast absorbing is great! Love love love lotion that absorbs quickly.

  10. Hopefully my comment is not a repeat...
    We love fast absorbing things.

  11. My husband would like fast absorbing best. He works w/his hands all day too, and especially in the winter they can get to be a mess. Thanks for hosting.

  12. hubby would like the fast absorbing lotion

  13. I would like the fast cooling lotion for him.

  14. I think my husband would especially enjoy Fast Cooling.

  15. The fast absorbing, who wants to wait

  16. Fast cooling sounds good to me, although I'm certain my son will appreciate Fast-Absorbing, too.

  17. I don't think the comment I tried to post actually posted, so trying again. I think the Fast Absorbing sounds great!

  18. I love the fast absorbing better.

  19. Fast cooling would be great for my dad. He's out at an oil platform thingie two weeks a month!

  20. Fast cooling would be better

  21. Fast Absorbing sounds best to me.

  22. Right now, I think my husband needs the Fast Absorbing the most. So it would be better.

  23. Fast absorbing sounds excellent to me!

  24. Fast absorbing sounds great to me!


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