Swamp People Adds Spice to #FathersDay

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Trying to figure out Fathers Day gifts is one of the hardest things to have to do!  At least in our house, if daddy needs or wants something, he doesn't have the patience to wait for it... and it is so rare that he needs or wants anything, that it is normally bought right then.  So by the time Fathers Day is here... Gift ideas have gone out the window!  
UNTIL THIS YEAR!!!!   Remember that Marc is from Louisiana  - when Swamp People first came out, he had to watch it whenever it was on... even if it was a repeat... His work schedule has him gone so much now, so at least I can "bring the swamp" to him!  If you have not heard yet - - - Swamp People now has a "sauce" line now that is sure to get your taste buds screaming for more!   Fans of all ages can enjoy this, so grab dad a great Fathers Day gift that he can share with the whole family!!!  
If you are near a Bass Pro Shop, head on over to grab a few bottles today... If you are not near one, you still have time to order online!  


Tree Breaka Cajun Steak Sauce:
When your meat calls for a “tree breaka, not a tree shaka,” go for the craveable kick of Swamp People Tree Breaka Cajun Steak Sauce. Made with the perfect blend of traditional steak sauce flavors and Cajun seasonings, this meat sauce is a perfect partner for meats, poultry, seafood, or side dishes. Or use it to enhance your stews or signature sauces. Swamp People Tree Breaka Cajun Steak Sauce is a delicious, savory sauce inspired by some of your favorite un-savory characters! 

Mudda Fricka Horseradish Barbecue Sauce:Troy Landry’s famous, “Choot ’em mudda fricka” is immortalized in tasty barbecue sauce with Swamp People Mudda Fricka Horseradish Barbecue Sauce. This mildly sweet sauce has a serious kick of horseradish for signature barbecue taste that’s incredible on wild game, chicken, pork, seafood, or whatever you pull out of the bayou. Makes a great marinade for grilled meat or dipping sauce for fries or seafood. 

Pierre Part Inhospitable Hot Sauce:Add a dash of Swamp People attitude with the Pierre Part Inhospitable Hot Sauce. Inspired by Pierre Part, Louisiana, home of History Channel series “Swamp People”, this perfectly balanced hot sauce is created especially for Cajun fare with a blend of garlic, habanero, and cayenne pepper seasonings. Swamp People Pierre Part Inhospitable Hot Sauce has a hot pepper kick that’s as spicy as it’s bayou heritage.

Louisiana "Critter" Marinade: 
No matter what kind of wild game is on your menu, Swamp People Louisiana “Critter” Marinade will bring out the best flavor. Inspired by the History Channel "Swamp People" series, this marinade for meats or wild game has a spicy-sweet taste that’s also delicious as a dipping sauce. Makes a great gift for hunters, grillers, Cajun cooks, or Swamp People fanatics. 



  1. That is a cool Father's Day Gift!! I got hubby on circle deck tickets to an MLB game once. He still talks about how great that was... ha! I got one spot on. :)

    1. That is a GREAT gift idea! Hard to top! :)

  2. We'd like: Pierre Part Inhospitable Hot Sauce at our house. Travis loves hot sauce.

    1. The 18 year old LOVES anything hot... so I know he will be trying it out when he comes back up!

  3. What a great giveaway! I want to win this for my father. He recently retired and has been grilling out alot. This would make him happy happy happy!

  4. I'd like to win this because Travis loves to put hot things on his food. I bet he'd love this!

  5. We enjoy trying new products. This is a wonderful selection.

  6. Boy they all sound really delicious. I would really love to try the Mudda Fricka Horseradish BBQ Sauce. We all like Horseradish flavor here but I have never had it in bbq sauce. Sounds good.

  7. love the wide variety of flavors - I've never heard of this brand before

  8. We are grill lovers and the Louisiana "Critter" Marinade sounds like a must to try!


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