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I introduced you to a few books from Sterling Publishing Good Questions series yesterday and today we get to explore a few more!  I really love how each book is full of all types of information and is sure to have people of all ages learning something they might not have known before.
In the books I am reviewing today, we learn more from their science / nature line.  
A couple of the questions throughout the books:
"Why do some caterpillars have spiky hairs on their bodies?" and  "How is a butterfly different from a moth" or "Why can't you tickle yourself" and "How does breathing help you smell?"  or even "Why are the stems of trees covered with bark" and "Why do some flowers smell bad?"
I actually learned a few things too!  
I really enjoyed these books and the added bonus on these are that the end of the books have a list of websites to visit and other books to read!  

Image Credit - Sterling Publishing
Good Question - How Does a Caterpillar Become a Butterfly?
Age Range - 7 and older
How does a caterpillar turn into a beautiful butterfly—and how much must it eat before it changes? What is a chrysalis? How does a new butterfly break out of its cocoon? Is it true that butterflies can taste with their feet? Budding scientists will delight in following this favorite creature's lifecycle and discovering the role it plays in nature. 

Image Credit - Sterling Publishing
Good Question - How Does the Ear Hear?
Age Range - 7 and older
What are the five senses? How do they help keep us safe? Why are two ears better than one? Why do some people need glasses? Why does food taste worse when we have a cold? And WHY can't we tickle ourselves? Find out in this SENSE-sational book! 

Image Credit - Sterling Publishing
Good Question - How Does a Seed Sprout?
Age Range - 7 and older 
What is a seed—and will all of them eventually become plants? What happens to plants in winter? Why do leaves come in so many sizes and shapes? Do insects help plants, or harm them?  A virtual garden of information grows here for young readers to enjoy. 


  1. Butterflies are interesting to me. I love that they change so much for the little life they live.

    1. I thought they were all great books... I guess I never really thought about being able to tickle myself or not.. ha ha, so it was fun to read about that!

  2. It's so weird that we can't tickle ourselves, isn't it!!

    This book sounds cool!

  3. These all look like great books.I loved catching butterfiles when I was a little girl.My grandpa had a huge flower garden and Swallowtails and Monarchs flocked to it.


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