Need #antioxidents? (Don't we all?) Try @drinkbai and enjoy!!!!

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Being outside in the heat can take its toll on you... Most people reach for any beverage to try and quench their thirst... I know in our house, water is normally a last option and that it shameful to say...  I know we all want to drink something that tastes great... but how about making it great for us too???  Well, we were recently sent a few drinks to try out and I was impressed at how great they taste!  

Are you familiar with bai5?
If you are like me, you aren't... but I know something you probably ARE familiar with ...
The coffee bean!  (Do I have your attention now?!) 
Okay... so the coffee BEAN is inside a "juicy red protector" that is known as the coffeefruit -or in the case of bai5- the superfruit!!
They take the superfruit and then infuse it with other flavors to give us these great tasting drinks...
Even better?  They use natural sweeteners ... and each drink is only 5 calories and only 1 gram of sugar per serving!   It’s also gluten-free, low-glycemic, Kosher, vegan, GMO- and soy-free.

I will admit that I was very surprised with how great they were.  Normally I can tolerate these drinks, going down.. but the aftertaste kills me... Not in this case.  I did notice that I drank some, then put it up for later... going back a few times to try and save it as much as I could to enjoy throughout the day.  I did PLAN on trying to freeze some to make homemade popsicles, but yeah.. that just wasn't meant to be, as I could not leave it long enough!   I thought that the Tanzania Lemonade Tea was going to be weird.. Hey, I am a Southern Girl - born and raised...  Sweet tea or nothing... but this was actually really good!  I do think I enjoyed it more than the others and that was a shock!  (At least to me!)  

If you have any last minute road trips planned, why not stock up on some of these for the trip to change it up from soda or water?  Also --  I know for me I will be grabbing some to have on hand to have throughout the school year, I think these would be great for part of an afterschool snack!  

bai5 comes in several different flavors... Let me know which one grabs you the most:   Brasilia Blueberry, Malawi Mango, Ipanema Pomegranate, Moloki Coconut, Costa Rica Clementine, Tanzania Lemonade Tea, Sumatra Dragonfruit, Congo Pear, Panama Peach or Limu Lemon.  


  1. I could have used this, this weekend with us all getting slammed with a summer cold.

  2. We've been experimenting with frozen popsicle flavors all summer too. :) These sound good, and yep, you had my total attention at 'coffee bean,.' :)


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