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When Broxton was born, we had a time keeping shoes on his feet... He wanted to be barefoot and we normally just let him...  As he started trying to walk, we would put shoes on him, but again, they find a way to come off (thanks to a very persistent little boy!)  As he got older ... and I got a bit "wiser" in parenting, I learned of a great product.  Robeez Shoes!!  I heard that letting him go barefoot would be best, but lets get real... I did not want my baby crawling around / trying to walk outside without shoes on...  Especially since once he found his feet, he loved to have them in his mouth!!!!  

Robeez is the best way to let the feet move and grow -- feeling like they are barefoot, while actually covering and protecting them from the things outside... Not to mention the elastic bands help to keep them on and that makes for a happy mama!!!
Since it is still summer, I wanted to show you a cute pair of the Robeez sandals!  
If you are like us, you are ready for football... So I also wanted to show off the sports shoes!  
Wouldn't these shoes be a "hoot" for a cute little girl you know?
In keeping with summer, aren't these just too cute???

As you can see, Robeez has cute and stylish shoes for both boys and girls!   They have really cute boots for the winter season, so make sure you head on over and check them out now!   Are you familiar with Robeez?


  1. We had a pair of these. I think soft shoes like these are cool. :)

  2. I always liked their shoes. They were the only ones that would stay on my boy's feet. I tried buying off brands, nope!


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