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Okay, so I used to do "Aloha Friday" but it seems that it has died down...
I have random questions of things that run through my head and I am going to start asking a question each week...  Would love to hear your answers!!!!!  
I would also love for you to join in with me... Ask a Question of your own - either here in the comments or on your blog (leave me a link so I can visit and answer)  If it seems that a couple of you start doing this with me, I will totally put up a linky, but for now, I just want to know your thoughts...

Today's Question-
Do you acknowledge the RSVP on invitations?

My answer-
I ALWAYS acknowledge them... From weddings to birthdays and anything else... I find it rude not to do so.  Especially when they made the point to include it.  Some say" regrets only" but if they are asking for an RSVP, why not take the time to say yes or no...   I know that I put it on Broxton's invitations... since I needed to know how many kids to pay for at the party... and to know how many goody bags to make... I included email or phone number... to not respond just always irks me...


  1. I do, usually. Not long ago I missed one for a baby shower. It was for the wife of my husband's distant cousin, and we've never even met. (I think they sent invitations to the bridal shower, the wedding, and the baby shower to everyone they'd ever heard of.) I fully intended to write her a nice note, but by the time I did, the RSVP date was past.

  2. I think it's a good idea to, especially when people are working with a budget on how many to provide for.

  3. It depends on the event. For parties and weddings, almost always. However, I was the maid of honor in my best friends wedding and did not return the RSVP sheet. I was kind of expected to be there regardless. Usually though.

  4. I do my very best effort to give an RSVP of yes or no as soon as I can...and if something changes, I also let the people know. It's rude not to!

  5. I do acknowledge them. I know how stressful party planning can be if you're not sure how many people are actually going to show up.

  6. I do. I sometimes even tell them when we're not going to go.


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