Baby Buddy - Natural Bath Sponge #BringingUpBaby

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If you know of someone that is having a baby, don't you like giving them gifts that they will need?  I know when I was pregnant with Broxton, I really had NO CLUE what to register for.  Sure, I registered for the big items (like a swing / stroller and what not) but then I really had no clue what I might need that were smaller items.  I did not register for diapers, since I was not sure what brand I would want to go with.. That ended up biting me in the butt, as we were a bit unprepared on that end for a minute, but I am glad I didn't register, as the brand I thought I would want to use ended up being the ones I didn't want...  
Anyways, I could ramble on forever...  
But let me tell you something - the gift baskets with random items were the ones I loved the most... and since then, I try and do that when I have baby gifts I need to give.  A bag / basket full of a little of this and a little of that...   A new to me product that will be making the gift list?  Baby Buddy Natural Bath Sponge!

A Baby Buddy Best Seller! Babies and moms will love our premium quality, natural sea wool sponge, specially selected and sized for baby. Super absorbent and unbelievably soft, this sponge produces great lather and makes rinsing baby quick and easy. Natural sponges are more resistant to bacteria than are synthetic sponges. All natural, recyclable and renewable. MADE IN USA.


  1. I'd like that! I wouldn't use it in the bath though. I want that texture to paint with. So cool.

  2. I like that it's super soft. Little things like these turn out to be big gems sometimes. :)


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