Thinking Thursdays

Okay, so I used to do "Aloha Friday" but it seems that it has died down...
I have random questions of things that run through my head and I am going to start asking a question each week...  Would love to hear your answers!!!!!  
I would also love for you to join in with me... Ask a Question of your own - either here in the comments or on your blog (leave me a link so I can visit and answer)  If it seems that a couple of you start doing this with me, I will totally put up a linky, but for now, I just want to know your thoughts...

Today's Question - 
What is your favorite Disney Movie?

My answer -
I would say that it is a toss up between Frozen and The Little Mermaid.
I love the musical parts in them both... and the story of both of them are great...  I love almost all Disney Movies, but these are the top ones right now!  


  1. I am going to have to say Tangled (I still love Lion King though, and Fantasia is awesome). Gah, it's hard to pick. I picked Tangled because Maximus and Flynn crack me up!


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