Creativity Day in #Atlanta - RECAP - Creativity In a Can

I was not required to post this.  I just wanted to share this event with you guys!  

A bit ago, we were invited to go to a free event at Learning Express.  We decided to make a day of it, so off we went!  We had friends meet up with us and we had a blast.  
First of all, I had NEVER been to a Learning Express, so that was new to me. 
I was also not familiar with the Creativity for Kids- so I was thrilled!  
This was part of the email I received.... 
The Atlanta budget agreement puts money back into the community. However, the CRCT scores continue to lag in many metro Atlanta Schools. Many elementary and middle schools along metro Atlanta's southside continue to have trouble meeting standards in several subjects, particularly math, according to Georgia Department of Education data released Tuesday.  
That is why, Faber Castell Creativity for Kids selected Atlanta for 'Creativity Day' being announced this Saturday. Faber Castell, is the leading imagination brand in the country for fostering children's imaginations with art supplies, crafts and more. 

Tell me, as a mom --- how could I read this and not want to go and have a Creativity Day???
 We got there and I will say, it was pretty neat.  There were different Creative Cans..  You just grabbed the color you wanted...   (For this particular event, all the materials inside were the same, just the outer color was different on the can.)  At that point... It was up to you and your child for the creativity that they wanted to go with.  
 At one point, Broxton was making his to look like an egg was cooking on top of it... Then, he decided to go with making it like a Robot and put wheels on the bottom. Add stickers, feathers and googly eyes on it... The options were endless!  He had a great time and after a while, he decided that he was finished - for the time being- and he simply put the other materials back in the can and took it home to play with at a later time.  
The creativity cans are really open ended, so kids - and dads - of all ages can have a great time.  This is a friend of ours and his son... they worked for a bit on their creation too, then took it home to play later!
The great thing was that this event had a great turnout - (I tweeted telling you about it, so if you didn't see it, make sure you are following me on twitter!)
There were kids of all ages and it was neat -- all of the same materials in each can, but no one had the same looking art once they were done!

I for one am very appreciative that Faber Castell made such a fun day that was free for us all to go to.   (Not many things are really free in Atlanta these days!)

Have you ever been to an event like this before? 


  1. That was nice of them to offer the event. I love events that let the kids be hands-on with their play.

  2. I actually contacted the company, and we're supposed to get some Creativity in a Can for a staff inservice in Dec; since we're a creative school. I'll have to contact them again when it gets closer to remind them.


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