Fruttare Bars - Great #Back2School Treat

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Although school has started back up here, we are still having summer time weather. 
Know what that means?  Nice icey cold treats!  
What better than a Fruttare Bar with real fruit??!!
There is something about Strawberries, I just love them, so I knew I was going to have to grab a box of the Strawberry and Milk / Mixed Berry and Milk bars.  

Perfect for dessert... or a nice treat to help cool off after being outside... The Fruttare Bars are great flavors and just the right size!!!!  The three NEWEST flavors of the Fruttare Bars? 
Fruttare Black Cherry - made with sweet black cherries
Fruttare Pineapple - made with chunks of pineapple
Fruttare Strawberry & Milk and Fruttare Mixed Berry and Milk - includes 2 of each flavor (mixed berries include blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.)

The face of a happy kid enjoying a Fruttare bar after school one day!  

 Make sure to purchase Fruttare bars next time you are at the store...
They are great to have on hand to hit the spot after a long day (although Broxton has been known to ask if he can have one for breakfast... I said no, but was glad he didn't try to use the excuse that it had milk in it!)

Other Fruttare bar flavors that were released last year:

·         Fruttare Strawberry and Milk bars are made with creamy milk and luscious, real strawberries
·         Fruttare Coconut and Milk bars feature creamy milk and coconut
·         Fruttare Banana and Milk bars feature creamy milk and sweet, ripe bananas
·         Fruttare Peach and Milk bars are made with creamy milk and juicy peaches
·         Fruttare Strawberry bars feature a burst of real strawberries and juice
·         Fruttare Mango bars are made with deliciously luscious mangoes
·         Fruttare Lime bars feature the refreshing taste of tangy limes and lime juice

Have you tried Fruttare bars yet?
What flavor sounds best to you??


  1. Fruttare Mango sound great to me. I haven't gotten these. I'm glad you blogged about them. Usually we make our own, but I did get some yogurt bars at Costco that Mica really likes.

  2. Those do sound good. I think the black cherry would be my son's fave!


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