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As most of you know, Marc is Army, so that means a clean shave is a normal thing around our house.  Luckily, he is now National Guard, so it isn't an every day thing... But still... When it is time to shave, it is time to take care of your face and shave right, right? That means a trip to Wal-Mart is planned...   Luckily for me, they had the Gillette Flexball on the end cap, so it made for easy locating, but other razors aren't so lucky!  

I was lucky enough to surprise Marc with the latest Gillette Flexball Razor, working with #CollectiveBias  and let me tell you this... I thought Broxton was going to fall out from excitement!  He kept saying/yelling "I can't BELIEVE you got dad a flexball!  I saw that on a commercial!" (I can't believe he did not know they were at Wal-mart, since we go there often and if you ask him... EVERYTHING is at Wal-mart!)
 I was actually telling Marc the other day that I love him both fresh shaven, as well as with a "little fur" on his face... The moments he creates with Broxton... Well, that just melts my heart!  Not only was this a great opportunity to use this new razor, it was a great time for him to make those special memories with Broxton!  He knew that the "big shave" was coming, so he went and got a pretend razor for Broxton, as he wanted to show him a perfect way to shave!  
 Broxton was THRILLED to have this time with daddy ... and I was so excited that I was able to snap these memories to treasure forever!  
 Of course, with getting Marc the Gillette Flexball for a #SmoothSummer - I had to treat him to the Hydra Gel to let him enjoy and get the best shave possible.  He gave Broxton a little and they set out to have a great time.  
 Yes, I love knowing that Broxton has a great daddy to look up to.  He has a great role model to show him how he needs to be!  
This photo here melts my heart seeing the look in his eyes watching daddy...  You can tell he is proud of him, always!  The last time he returned home in his uniform, Broxton begged him to go out to eat with him in his uniform... and even had to tell him that some kids might want to get their picture taken with him!  

Broxton trying to shave just like daddy... He kept asking dad about the flexball and how it was going to move, to keep it from hurting him... and I kept joking with Broxton to quit talking and be careful, as I did not want him to cut himself with his razor!   
 We were quick to notice that with the Gillette Flexball Razor, the razor blades had the up-down motion that we were used to, but it also had the flexball that would also rotate it left to right, allowing for a smoother shave as he used it to get his entire head and face "Army" approved!  
 Yep!  He is a keeper!  Smooth once again and ready to go!  
Yes, the Army has certain standards that they expect ... but Marc is so much more than that...   The tough exterior of the "Army Soldier" isn't always what he is... I always heard about how women would fall more in love with their husband once they see them as a daddy... boy is that ever true!
I know that Marc takes the time to clean up for the Army, but he also does on other days...
Birthdays, when he is home and able to go to church... and it is so sweet to me... When he is home and is able to attend functions for Broxton, he always shaves and says he wants to make Broxton proud of him...
I know for a fact that Broxton is proud of him and it makes my heart so happy....
The Army might have molded him into the man he is today.. but it is so much more... He is setting the example for the man Broxton will become.

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  1. Oh they are so stinking cute together!
    And I think I might get one of these for hubs.

  2. How cute! You've captured some amazing memories here. It looks like your whole family is impressed with the Gillette flex ball razor! #client

  3. Very nice post. Your hubby is a great example for your son. :)


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