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I am not normally a lift the flap fan... I guess because I am always so worried about the flaps getting folded or torn... but in the latest book we were sent for review, And Two Boys Booed , I though the lift the flaps were fitting for the story!  
In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this book, since obviously "two boys booed" lets you know that there is bullying of some sort going on... but I did want to read it to discuss what TO do and what NOT TO do with Broxton...
We started out the book "On the morning of the talent show, I was ready to sing my song"  and it has the flap with the kid under the blanket it bed, and then you flip it to him flipping the covers and in his PJ's ready to start the day.  
Then, the book really starts... each page (in the beginning) is just one or two sentences... but then once the character is at school and in the talent show, the book starts repeating all the sentences we have already read... ( I thought this was awesome for a little one just learning to read- you know, all of the repetition)
So - the talent show starts and we see the four kids in front of him, learn of their talent and see the class watching the show...      By the time all the kids in front of him have shown their talent, it is his turn...    He is so nervous he doesn't even know what to do!!!!!  
What happens now????
You need to read and find out!  
But, let me tell you this... You will actually love the way it ends!  
Super cute!
This would be a great book to donate to your kids classroom library.. or even to add to your library at home!   FYI- as a side note, this book is by the same author that brought us "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day."  


  1. Sounds like a really fun and cute book!

  2. That's cool it repeats. Isaak's really taken off with reading and writing in the last few weeks. It's like all the sudden he has an interest.


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