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Are you familiar with Star Wars Rebels?  It is the latest from Disney and Broxton is totally into it.  We were lucky enough to go see an advance screening of the Disney movie of it... then we had to watch it when it was released on Disney Channel (several times, I do have to say!)  So, when Broxton's class headed into the book fair the other day, I knew he was going to freak when he saw that they have Star Wars Rebels books now!  
Yep, he sure did (as did the other kids as he showed it to them)  and I had to tell him to put them back... Little does he know that this mama right here already has him stocked and ready come Christmas time!  
Now- let me tell you about the new release books from Disney Publishing!  

First, we have Star Wars Rebels - Ezra's Gamble.  This is a chapter book that we will be reading soon enough.  I secretly wanted to go ahead and read it myself, but I just have not had the time to do so when he wasn't here with me.  It includes 10 Chapters such as Ezra's New Job and even Gladiator Night.  They all sound interesting and I know he will love them.  With 154 pages, this is a must have this holiday!   

The next book?  Star Wars Rebels - Ezra's Wookiee Rescue  I am thinking about giving this one to him now, just because I know how excited he was when he saw all of them at the book fair... and since it comes with a read along cd, I think he would enjoy this when we are in the car running errands.  Not to mention since it has sound effects, I think it might make the drive more enjoyable!   This particular book is based on part of the Disney movie we already saw, so I love this story already!  I mean, look at the little Wookiee!  

Do you give books for gifts?  If so - these should be on your list if you have a Star Wars fan!  


  1. I definitely give books depending on the person. What age would you recommend these for? I have a cousin who is going to be 11 in February, would these be to easy/young for him?

  2. I bet your son is loving these! How cool!

  3. I always give books for gifts. Hubby and I always get ea. other one too. :)


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