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If your house is anything at all like our house, Star Wars is the "cool" thing right now.  I still am not sure when or how it started, but if it is Star Wars, you know my husband and son love it. (Remember, he has Darth Vader shoes and we have several photographs with Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and other Star Wars characters! Don't even get me started on the Lego aspect or all the cartoons we have on the DVR.)
Anyways, on one of my many facebook visits, I noticed something about a kids book titled Goodnight Darth Vader and of course, that grabbed my attention!  I was lucky enough to get to review them and to say they have been a hit at bedtime is an understatement.  We were sent two books and I am telling you now, Darth Vader fans will for sure want this on their Christmas list this year!  

Image - Chronicle Books
Up first, Goodnight Darth Vader .  This book is a hard cover book with colorful illustrations throughout.   It starts with "Episode Eight P.M.: Bedtime"
Then, as each page turns we see Darth Vader trying to get Luke and Leia to bed... but of course they have other ideas... They want a bedtime story!  (Sound familiar?)  We see all of the Star Wars characters getting ready for bed...  The Droids, Jar Jar, Darth Maul, Yoda and more...    Each page brings delight to seeing what they all do to get ready for bed ... and hopefully gets your reader ready for bed as well!   We really enjoyed this and thought it was a really cute book!  
Image - Chronicle Books
My personal favorite of the two?  Darth Vader and Son.  In this book, we start with "Episode Three and a half."  The very first page of the book opens to showing Darth Vader trying to teach Luke how to play baseball... With a light saber as his baseball bat!  I thought that was hilarious and if that was the opening image, I could only imagine what each page would hold!   This is a must have for any father - son duo that are also big Star Wars fans!
Each page brings along another cartoon illustration of Darth Vader and Luke with the many father - son moments that most dads can totally relate too.. with the whole aspect of Darth Vader being who he is...  (Just think of using the force to pour cereal... or think of Luke pouting when Leia messed with his toys and he says " I don't want a sister.")
Each page is sure to have you laughing... I know it had us cracking up and I really have NO Star Wars knowledge...     To be honest, after reading Darth Vader and Son, I am really wanting to get the Darth Vader and Daughter book just to see what all goes on in there!  

Seriously, if you have Star Wars fans in the family... Young or old...  You will be known as a great gift giver if you have these books waiting on Christmas morning!  I know we have all enjoyed them in this house and have already read them on numerous occasions!   


  1. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing ever! I love finding unique books like these that make great gifts.

  2. We'd love this too!! How funny about the baseball!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this book to Broxton, and seeing him laughing about his favorite characters.


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