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Did you know that October was National Bullying Prevention Month?  At the beginning of the month, they had a "STOMP OUT BULLYING" day at Broxton's school.  Everyone was asked to wear blue shirts as a sign they were against bullying. I thought it was pretty awesome!  Being that bullying is something I am strongly against, I was glad to get 2 books that encourage people not to be bullies.  They are "The Principal Gang" books and follow Bli the Fly and Danny the Wizard Lizard.
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The first book has us meeting Bli the Fly and her friend Danny the Wizard Lizard. There is a problem though... Bli likes hanging out with Danny, but since he is a lizard, Bli's mom doesn't want them to be friends.  She points out that lizards eat fly's and should not be trusted.  Bli wants to have her moms permission for her friendship, so Danny sets out to prove to Mrs. Fly that he is a good friend and would not harm Bli.  They end up going to the movies, so that Danny can earn Mrs. Fly's trust in being friends with Bli.  You will have to read the book to see what happens, but in the end, everyone learns a very valuable lesson.  
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The second book in the series has Danny the Wizard Lizard and Bli the Fly headed to New York City!  They were chosen to head to the Big Apple to present an idea they have... a "No Bullies Allowed" club.  They have been working on this idea at school and now have the chance to show it to the anti-bullying conference.  Do you think they can recruit new members at the conference?  Would you like to join the club and share it with your friends?

Both of these books come as hard back books with great colorful illustrations.  The end of the book has a couple questions (from the characters) about what was just read in the book.  There is also a page with information for parents.  I think these are great books to open up the door to communication with your children about any times they have been bullied or been the bully.  

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  1. Wearing the shirts is a good idea. I like how they're ingraining into the kids' mindset early that bullying is just not acceptable! This is my first hearing of the Principal Gang, but the reinforcement for the message!

  2. I love when they take part in something active like wearing the shirts. We do have to keep the voices strong and actions against bullying.
    It's a terrible thing.

  3. Wish every child in school could read these books, they all need to. I like the questions at the end of the book. I try after reading to quiz my kids on the books read just so I know they are comprehending what they read


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