Give an Amazing Gift with @MarvelOnTour in #Atlanta. (I know I did!) #marveluniverselive

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If you are in or near Atlanta, make sure you check out the dates that Marvel Live is putting on shows here.  We were invited to go and check out the show Sunday and LET- ME-TELL - YOU this... Broxton was SO EXCITED!  I did not tell him we were going until Friday and I wish I would have had a way to record his expression!  He was grinning and so happy!     (He had been BEGGING me to take him every time he saw the commercial and I just kept saying "maybe.")  
You might be wondering what Marvel Live is...
Well, it is SO COOL!  
It is an action packed show with Iron Man, Thor, SpiderMan, Captain America and so many more...
They have to work to defeat the bad guys and we were right there in it... 
I was so excited, we actually had AMAZING seats!  Like 5 rows up....  The only thing I hated was that I did not bother to bring my camera this time.  *Talk about being mad about that!
I will say that the show was LOUD.  I thought the volume of the characters was louder (to me) than the bikes and explosions going on.  There were a few kids around us that were shrieking when the blasts went off, but for the majority of what I could see, it was more for the shock factor than the volume.  We agreed that the best for us was Captain America (but that is a favorite character of ours)  because he was on a bike most of his time.  The only thing we wished more of was HULK (and maybe Thor, but that is because I am a big Thor fan!)  

If you want to see pictures from our night there, make sure you head over to my instagram page...   I posted some on there, since the camera on my phone was all I had. 


  1. My boys would LOVE something like this. So fun that you were able to surprise Broxton with this. Merry Christmas!!

  2. That is cool! Superheroes + Boys = Entertainment. They love that stuff.


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