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Now that you have that in your head, let me tell you... Broxton saw the commercial for this a couple months ago and since then he has been walking around singing their tag-line and begging me to get him a Chia Pet for Christmas.
We were sent a couple for review, so I busted out the Minnie Mouse one to try out first.
This is the cutest thing.  (I always wanted one as a kid, never had one though.)
It is actually really easy to do.
You soak the sculpture for an hour in water.  While that is going on, you mix the chia seeds in water and stir every so often for that hour.  It starts to form a paste like and then after that hour, you just smear it on the sculpture.
We went to make the bow for Minnie, but he wasn't really into that... he wanted more.  SO, we basically covered Minnie's whole head in the Chia Seeds!  

Little does he know, he will be getting the Chia Puppy for Christmas!   (That is the one he keeps asking about!)    So - if you are needing to get one more gift this year, make sure you check out and see if there are any Chia Pets near you!  They seem to be everywhere, so you should be in luck!  With characters like Scooby Doo on over to Duck Dynasty, I am sure you will find one you will smile about!!!!


  1. Just stopping by to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!!


  2. I had Chia Pets on the boy's Christmas list for my parents to get the boys. They didn't get them one. Maybe for their birthdays.


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