Keeping Fit From A-Z

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Taken from the publisher website:
Whether it's jumping with joy on a trampoline, flying kites on a breezy day, racing with friends in sleeping bags, rafting down rapids with your family or practicing karate kicks in class, exercise is key to one's health and well being. 
Keeping Fit from A to Z / Mantente en forma de la A a la Z is an innovative bilingual picture book for ages 3 and up that will delight children, parents, students, and teachers alike. The book includes more than 150 charming photographs, short captions and text that feature sports, exercise, movement and games. 
Indoors or outside, the activities in this book are designed to inspire both young and older children (and their families) to move, be physically fit and be healthy--and at the same time introduce them to the ABCs and new vocabulary in two languages. The photographs are arranged in alphabetical order with their respective translations on the left (English) and the right (Spanish) side of each page, separated by a larger picture in the middle, where the activity begins with the same letter in both languages. Whether it's A for Acrobat/ Acróbata, B for Baseball/ Béisbol, E for Exercise/ Ejercicio, or V for Volleyball/ Voleibol, children and their families will understand that regular physical exercise has enormous health benefits for everyone! 
This highly visual book emphasizes the importance of both being active and having fun. Through its colorful and multicultural photographic illustrations, it depicts a vast array of physical activities available in the world today. It also includes an additional list of activities in both languages to stimulate a child's imagination (from playing charades or riding a pogo-stick, to doing jumping jacks or square-dancing). There are activity suggestions involving movement and learning for the classroom (try spelling your name by using your arms, legs or body!), fun traditional games such as "Simon Says" or "Capture the Flag" that are known and practiced throughout the world, and a glossary of information for parents about the health benefits of exercise. 

Parents, did you know... 

- Exercise has been considered important since the time of the ancient Greeks, who invented the Olympic Games in 776 B.C. They coined the phrase "a healthy mind in a healthy body," believing that physical exercise was as important as the development of the mind. 
- Exercise not only improves general well being: it also elevates brain function and helps prevent illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. 
- Doctors recommend that all children be active and involved in some form of physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day. 

Look for nine other interesting facts featured in the back of this book! 
And...get the whole family involved with a variety of physical activities every day! You will be amazed at the results! 


  1. We make our kids run up and down our back hill if they seem to have too much energy. If it's crappy outside they do pushups.


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