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Broxton has been talking about the fact that he wants to go fishing.  I hate it for him, but I am just not one to go fishing, so that is going to have to wait. Lucky for him, we were sent a Little Tike Fish 'n Splash Water Table for review.  I know it says ages 2 and older, so it is a bit on the "baby side" but I will tell you this.. Give a kid some water to play with in the Georgia Summer and they will find a way to have fun!  
The original plan was to take it to give to a friend of ours that has younger children, but Broxton wanted to at least try it out. He got out there and was laughing and giggling and having such a good time. His sweet self even started talking about how next year he was going to show Savannah how to fish. How could I say no to that??  I plan on letting him play in it for now, then putting it up after summer... It is easy to assemble, so it should not be a problem, then next year he can " teach his sister how to fish" and that will make for a good memory and cute pictures! 
When it arrived, I made the comment that we were going to have to wait to put it together, I was just not feeling it... Of course, he kept asking about it, so I finally said okay. When we opened the box, I realized I could have let him play with it the day it was delivered... it was THAT EASY to put together! 
Literally, there were just a few pieces: You have the base, the legs and then a couple pieces up top. Actually, Broxton was excited that it was so simple that he could put it together by himself! Of course, I had to make sure it was done correctly, but for the most part, he did it all.  
Each of the pieces fits into one another.  There is no need for any tools.  You have one plastic screw to insert, but that is it, other than that, they all just slide and fit into each other forming a complete product at the end.  Broxton looked at the picture on the box, as he wanted to make sure it was done correctly, down to the fish being placed in the right spots as they were on the cover. 
That was when we took it outside. 
I wish I had pictures of him playing with it out there, but I am pretty sure there is at least one on
Instagram for you to see. 

The Fish 'n Splash Water Table is great for a few different reasons. 
I love it because it was easy to put together, but it is also awesome for play time! 
You can totally use this as a learning tool!   You can tell them to fish and to pick a certain animal (turtle, Frog, crab or fish)  You could tell them to fish based on grabbing a certain color, or you can tell them to fish and find a certain number.  If you want to make it go further, do a math problem, tell them to fish to get the 2 animals that equal a certain number.  You know, how could you make the number 5 or something like that...
As I said, this is endless fun!  The Fish 'n Table comes with not only the animals to fish for, it also comes with a little  plastic "net", a  cup and a fishing pole.   The middle of the base has a lily pad that you can make spin by pouring water down the spout from the top.  Broxton had a great time playing with it and I know he will have more fun next summer teaching his sister how to use it! 

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  1. I always wanted one of these for my boys. It looks fun! They are a little too old for it now though.

  2. This is nice and great it is easy to put together. Nice for little kids!!


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