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Last year Broxton liked to go to the Nurses office quite often. I think sometimes it was just because he was bored in class and wanted to get out for a bit. Yes, we spoke about it and I told him that he was only to go when he was really not feeling well, that if he went all the time, the time he actually did not feel good, no one was going to believe him.  Being in school meant that there were a few times when he was around plenty of other sick kids  (WHY SEND YOUR KID to school if they are sick and with a fever?  I just do not get it!)  Anyways, don't get me started on that one... Well, as I was saying, there were a few times when he really did not feel well.  Instead of rushing up there each time, I found out that I could leave medicine with the nurse and she would give him the medicine if she felt he needed it.  I decided to send in Pedia Care Smooth Melts to have on hand.
They were cherry flavored.  They were chewable.  They were single doses so that I did not have to worry about her having to measure our an amount and all that.  It worked for us last year and I plan to do it again this year as well!   

Melt away the pain with these cherry-flavored chewables containing acetaminophen, and cheer up your child from troublesome symptoms of fevers.
  • reduces fever
  • relieves minor aches and pains due to:
    • the common cold
    • flu
    • headache
    • sore throat
    • toothache
Flavors available in: Cheer-up Cherry 


  1. I like that they're single-dose, that really is perfect for the school office. I like Pedia Care products for my youngest too.

  2. The Pedia Care Smooth Melts are great to have on hand when kids get sick. The cherry flavor is a good one to try and I bet it tastes good. I will have to get these soon.

  3. That's really great that the nurse worked with you!

  4. I have used these for my little girl and it really helped her.

  5. I used to pretend sick, it was typically if the teacher was going to have us do something I didn't think I would do well. This is the first I've heard of Pedia Care Smooth Melts! Sound great!

  6. This is great. My boys like water, and I make them JELLO juice when they are sick. I just wish that all the JELLO and this didn't think they need to dye the stuff the flavor you're drinking. I'd like cherry even if it wasn't bright red.

  7. I like to use Pedia Care when my kids get sick


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