Have a DSLR? Strap it and wrap it with #Miggo

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If you want to learn something pretty cool, keep reading this!!!
This past year, I was on the yearbook staff for my sons school, that being said, I took a good amount of photos.  (I did plenty of picture taking in his pre-k years too, but that is besides the point.)  Anyways, I had  basic camera strap that came with my camera, but then I got something pretty awesome.  Something that was a major conversation starter. Something that was perfect for me carrying my camera basically everywhere!  Bet you want to know what that was... 

It was the Miggo Strap and Wrap!
This wrap is seriously awesome!   It is a camera strap to wear around your neck when you are taking pictures, then when you are done, you just wrap the camera up and you are good to go.  Look below at how easy it is: 

Another demonstration on wrapping it up for storage: 

Just look at the instructions to see what model you would need:

I was sent one and I am for real when I say it has been a conversation starter.  People ask where I got it.  They want to see me wrap it up and then unwrap it.  Normally I would carry it in my purse, so when I was ready to use it, I would just pull it out of my purse, unwrap it and then hang it around my neck.  It has been such a convenient thing for me to have.  To the point that it makes me question what I did before I had this!  (Besides be inconvenienced all the time!) 

More information on the Miggo: 

The miggo Strap & Wrap DSLR is the world’s first camera strap that morphs into a protective case. Comfortably carry your DSLR or Bridge (Superzoom) camera across your torso. When done shooting, just wrap miggo around your camera and slip it into your personal bag to protect it from scratches and impact.Designed for right and left handed, miggo will accommodate the majority of small-medium DSLR and Bridge (Superzoom) cameras equipped with short to long lenses due to its unique modular adaptor system. Made from high quality Neoprene and Lycra, miggo ensures comfort and durability along with excellent protection for the camera. The padded strap can be carried across your torso while the weight is evenly distributed for comfort. miggo’s specially designed multipurpose nickel-coated steel screw serves as a secure connector to the 1/4″-20 tripod socket located on the camera body. It also allows the user to connect a tripod while miggo is attached. A designated flexible inner pocket is designed to carry a lens cap when it’s not attached to the lens. A safety cord will keep your camera secured to the strap.

If you have a DSLR, I highly recommend you checking this out.  They have several patterns to choose from and I am sure you will be just as happy as I have been!!!   If you have a child headed off to college, this would be a great gift for them as well.  


  1. This is a very good item to get for my son with his camera. He loves taking pictures and needs a nice wrap case like this one! It looks really cool!

  2. I really like the Wrap It & Strap It. It would be a lot better than lugging around a Camera Bag, especially if you didn't need all the accessories to go with it. This is perfect when you want to take a lot of pictures. This is a great concept.

  3. This would be really great for my Dad who had a stroke but is still very into photography!

  4. That does look really handy! I have a Cannon PowerShot G7X. It's a new mirrorless camera. It's supposed to be just as good as the DSLR, but has less weight. Then I can carry it around easier. This looks neat though!

  5. Looks really cool. I have a DSLR camera and could really use this


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