Keep the Bugs Away and Enjoy the Outside this Summer!

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The summer heat is just a bit too much for me to enjoy these days... Being pregnant and all, I just sweat at the thought of going outside.  (See, sweating already and I am sitting inside typing this!)  It is just TOO HOT these days.  In previous summers, we would be outside and the mosquito's would be all over us. Yep, I guess we are just too sweet, but this year, we have not given them a chance to feast on us.  I really want to get outside, especially since Broxton wants to play basketball.  That and it sure would be nice to fire up the grill.  As soon as this little one is born, that is a plan we have.  Maybe not an all day event, but at least outside enough to enjoy the end of summer and make a few more memories.  I am just so happy that we won't have to worry about being dinner for the mosquito's, we can worry about cooking our own dinner!   
We were recently sent two mosquito repellent lanters for review and I tell you this, they sure are nice and pretty.  (You know what I mean, sometimes these mosquito repellents are just ugly containers that you would not want sitting out, these are nice enough looking to be decoration!)

The new Stinger All Natural Mosquito Repellent Lantern is a device that repels insects up to 225 sq. ft. An ultra-quiet fan diffuses repellent into the air using powerful plant-based, all-natural active ingredients.

Quick Facts
Outdoor use
Repels insects using a fan-dispersed repellent pad
All natural, for safe use around children & pets
Blue, LED lighting for night
Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)
Repellent refills come in 6 packages per PDQ tray
MSRP $12.99
Available at and

Do you do much outside during the summer? 
Are mosquito's a problem where you live?  


  1. I like that this runs on batteries and not electricity, and we have problems with mosquitoes. I would love to get one of these and have it where we are sitting outside. Maybe we could stay outside a little later. We go in because the mosquitoes will eat us alive!

  2. This would be great to try! I dread mosquitoes now and haven't been able to really keep them away. Cookouts and hanging out on the patio will be fun again!

  3. The mosquitoes are what usually keeps me from going outside in the summer. We live in GA and mosquitoes are always a problem. This looks like good Mosquito Repellant Lantern. I like that it lasts up to 12 hours.

  4. I could have used this when we went camping. Oh my goodness I'm covered in bites!

  5. I like that it's decorative and not just functional. We'd use this definitely. And it really is hot. I'm loving it...but I'm not expecting a sweet baby. ;) If I were, you can bet your receiving blankets I'd be lounging in the a/c.

  6. This would be nice to try out. It looks nice and I like that repellent pad is
    All natural and is safe to use around children & pets

  7. I'm pregnant too, and between the heat and bugs I've been inside mostly. At least we can now take care of one problem!


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