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I am not sure if you are aware, but there is a football game being played this weekend that is sort of a big deal.  If you are not a football fan, you can still enjoy it because of all of the commercials sprinkled throughout the game.  I will be watching both the commercials and the game, what about you?  Some people go to the parties for neither the game nor the commercials, but they go for the spreads of food that many people have at their party.  What do you have planned to do for that fun Sunday event or is it just another day in your house?

As I said, one main thing is all of the food that people do for the big game.  I remember back when I worked in a sports bar.  We had amazing food that we served, but come this special Sunday, we had a sign up sheet and each person that was working would bring in food and we would have our own party with our treats throughout the game!  (Yes, we at the food from work too, but this was a special day, so we had to go all out in our spread of goodies as well!)  
I wish I had known of the Kontos brand of breads back then, I could have had a great time making a few tasty treats.  I might not have known about them then, but I do now, so we will continue enjoying them from here on out!   I was sent a variety of the Kontos product line.  They have this that and every thing else.  I really enjoyed their Pita Bread, but Marc said he liked the nan best.  Broxton is a boy that doesn't like to explore foods, unless he is in the mood, so he would not try either.  (He normally inhales pita bread, so I know he would enjoy this!)  My favorite out of all we were sent though was the cocktail flatbread.  I am including a few ideas for how you can use the cocktail flatbread this weekend below.  They even have pizza crusts, so Broxton is in charge of dinner tonight!   

Here are two of the products they offer: 

One of the most popular in the Kontos line.  This flatbread resembles the classic nan baked by hanging the dough ball onto the walls of earthen tandoor ovens.  A most versatile oval flatbread that can expand your menu.  Featured in many Indian, Pakistan and Pan-Asian restaurants throughout the United States.  ‘Hand stretched for fluffiness™’, contains No Trans Fat, and is 100% Vegetarian. 

These 2-inch pita disks are soft and flexible, extremely versatile, and Pre-Grilled for added visual appeal.  Use in the preparation of sliders, ideal for bruschetta, great with dips, and perfect for making hors d’oeuvre and appetizers. Contains No Trans Fat and is 100% 

A few ideas from Chef Haralambatos, executive chef at Kontos:
Grilled Beef or Pork Tenderloin.  Place sliced strips of grilled beef, roasted pork tenderloin or pulled pork on the Cocktail Flatbread. Drizzle with gravy, steak sauce, BBQ sauce or horseradish mayonnaise. When using beef, try topping with your favorite slivered cheese. Garnish with dill or scallions.
Chicken or Tuna Salad.  Prepare chicken salad with tiny diced chicken, apples and walnuts. Or, prepare tuna salad with chopped celery or sweet corn. Dollop a teaspoonful of your salads on the Cocktail Flatbread. Garnish with sliced cherry tomato and fresh basil.
Smoked Salmon.  Layer small pieces or chunks of your favorite smoked salmon on Kontos Cocktail Flatbread. Top the salmon with sliced avocado, horseradish mayonnaise, slivered cucumber and/or picked ginger. Garnish with capers or a small dollop of Greek yogurt,  if desired.
Hamburger Slider.  Grill a small hamburger, or cheeseburger, and place between two Cocktail Flatbreads. Garnish with your favorite condiments, lettuce and sliced plum tomato.
Pizza Samplers.  Spread a teaspoonful of pizza sauce on each Cocktail Flatbread. Sprinkle shredded mozzarella or mixed shredded cheese; add pepperoni, sausage pieces, mushrooms if desired. Bake in oven or toaster oven for 5-7 minutes at 375⁰ degrees.

Out of all of the ideas mentioned above, which would you be most likely to make if you were to take a dish to a party for the Big Game?  


  1. The cocktail flatbreads look very convenient for making party snacks or even sandwiches for lunchboxes. I might not use those, but I'd definitely try the larger flatbread.

  2. The Pizza Samplers sound good to me. Smoked Salmon would be my second choice. They all sound good though!

  3. First big game I missed in decades. I did want Manning to win though, just because... so I was happy with the way it turned out. I just saw Lady Gaga's 'Star Spangled' on another blog. She did a great job!! And snacks for the game, are def. a must! :)


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