True or False? The way to the heart is through the stomach?

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Can you believe that Valentines Day is almost here?  Seriously, I know that the days of the year don't change (nor do the hours and minutes in a day)... but good grief, it seems like time is flying by. Maybe because we are so busy that it seems that way?  I am not sure...
Anyways, you always hear about "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" and other sayings like that...   Also, you hear about "love languages"  so my question to you is this...
What are your thoughts for Valentines this year?
You can go traditional and give chocolate and flowers, or you could take it even further.
Why not make a gift basket full of gifts from Trudeau?  No, I am not saying just give a bunch of kitchen gadgets and be done.  Give a great gift of gadgets and then make a night of it. Cook a nice meal, have a great bottle of wine.  Make it a joint night of excitement for the both of you!!!!!   Look below to see how you can make the most out of this Valentines. 

Flex Pot Clips
Keep cooking utensils from causing a mess on the stove top with this must have Flex Pot Clip. It clips onto the side of a saucepan or stockpot to hold the utensil, eliminating the need for a spoon rest. Drips go right into the pot instead of on the counter or stove top.  The silicone pads protect your pot while the silicone around the opening keeps the utensil from slipping.  Made from heat-resistant silicone and stainless steel. Comes in red, blue, or green. SRP: $8.99

Zest Grater
Perfect for adding citrus-packed flavor or a light garnish, the Trudeau Zest Grater features a retractable handle which doubles as a protective sleeve for safe and convenient storage. Blades are honed to an optimal cutting angle. The zest grater comes in a bright green/yellow color that coordinates with lemons and limes. SRP $9.99

Multi-Use Tie Wraps
Plastic tags and twist ties can present a hassle as they may be easily misplaced or ruined.  Trudeau’s Multi-Use Tie Wraps are the ultimate problem-solver for sealing all types of bags and more. Flexible and reusable, these leaf shaped ties are made of temperature resistant silicone. Simply wrap around the opening of a bag and thread through the hole to ensure closure and freshness. Dishwasher safe. SRP: $6.99 

Universal Dripless Spout
This amazing Universal Dripless Spout allows a clean easy pour from any bottle! 100% dripless keeps both bottles and hands clean and oil free. Graduated silicone stopper fits majority of bottle sizes and comes with a cap for storage. Great for your favorite brands of olive oil! 5-year warranty. SRP$11.99

I thought that these were great gift ideas.  You could use these all of the above products to have a great dinner!   (I think that the FLEX POT CLIPS are the coolest things ever!)  We have not used all of these products yet, but I tell you this... We were sent their mixing bowls and I am so in love with them.  I have used them on numerous occasions and I am not even a baker!   
Mixing Bowls - Image Credit Trudeau 

With the products that we have used, I am very impressed with the quality.  I think that these would make a great gift because of the style and quality.  As I said, you could totally make a gift that keeps on giving.  Maybe you enjoy cooking?  Make it a night where you have a cooking lesson?  Or you just make a fantastic meal.  If you have no desire to cook, you could do a great gift basket and include a gift card for a local restaurant for you to enjoy for Valentines.  

Do you love kitchen gadgets?  What is one of your favorite gadgets you own?  Would you like the gift of the actual product or the meal that would be made?  


  1. Travis would say true! He loves food. Good homemade food. Not boxed up, prepackaged stuff.


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