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I may not remember much, but I do remember that Broxton loved Elmo when he was younger.  He loved him so much that his first birthday was "Elmo."  We would watch the show, sing the song...  you name it.  He loved Elmo so much that we would detour to the toy aisle to look at the Elmo dolls each trip to the store.  Yes, Maw-Maw and Papa bought him one so that we could bring the love home.  Being the big ALMOST 7 year old, we have outgrown Elmo days, but with a little sister around, Broxton keeps telling her about his favorites from when he was younger.  

We were recently sent Elmo's World - Elmo Wonders on DVD and I have it put up for him to give his little sister for Valentines.  He is so good to her and keeps trying to find his old toys to pass down to her, so I know this will make both of them so very happy!  If he can hold her, he will even sit and watch "baby" shows with her and spend even more time bonding.  

I love that they make cute "monsters" that you want to invite in your home.  I also love that it isn't just entertainment, it is educational as well!  

Over two hours of fun, this wonderful compilation also features “Elmo’s World: Transportation” for the first time on DVD. As an added bonus segment, Elmo’s good friend Ernie joins the fun to sing the “I Wonder” song. Elmo’s World: Elmo Wonders will be priced to own for $14.98 SRP on DVD.

In Elmo’s World: Elmo Wonders, Elmo wonders all about the exciting and adventurous world around him. Sesame Street’s curious red monster takes preschoolers on a journey to learn all about the sky, weather, doctors, bicycles, jumping and many other things inquisitive little kids like yours ask questions about.

Are you a fan of Elmo?  Did seeing "Elmo's World" make the theme song pop in your head? (It did for me and now I can not stop singing it!!!  Elmo loves his goldfish... his crayon too!) 

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  1. My kids loved Elmo! We watched Elmo's Potty Time a lot.


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