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Trudeau has so many cool gadgets, you could really make the most memorable day ever using their different products.  I want the egg ring that is shaped like a heart. I know Broxton would be so excited to see breakfast like that one morning. For those creative and romantic, I wanted to share with you what you could purchase to make Valentines so memorable.
Start with breakfast in bed... eggs and pancakes shaped like hearts!!!!   Get the day started with a jolt using your bedside espresso maker!  After that, have a great day at work.  Go enjoy dinner out and then come home to settle in.  Have dessert at home with your new fondu pot (or make heart shaped candies) and finish it off with a nice bottle of wine!   Look below for pictures and prices!  

Serve up a breakfast filled with love and heart shaped pancakes and eggs!

Bedside Espresso Maker – MSRP $69.99
Wake up to bedside service of a rich espresso brew with this contemporary stainless steel stove top “true Italian style” espresso maker –Amore!

Zen Fondue Set: MSRP $29.99
Fondues create an intimacy of sharing that is unmatched by other meal traditions. This trendy Zen fondue set lets you share this intimacy with loved ones in contemporary style.  Set has a stoneware Zen-shaped bowl for fondue and a divided platter to house assorted fondue dipping ingredients.  Four color-coded fondue forks and a tea light to flame the unit along with recipes and instructions are included.   

Heart Shaped Chocolate Molds – MSRP $11.99
Baking up a favorite chocolate treat is easy and effortless with this set of 3 heart shaped easy release silicone chocolate molds – decadent! 

Cooling Wine Aerator – MSRP $39.99
Love heats up but your wine shouldn’t!  A robust wine should always be served slightly chilled and aerating can transform an ordinary bottle into an exquisite blend. The Trudeau Cooling Wine Aerator instantly both cools and aerates wine as it is being poured. Guaranteed to quickly cool down room temperature reds and maintain chilled whites at the perfect serving temperature for up to an hour. Attractive stainless steel design includes a dripless pour spout and comes in a handsome gift box. 

Do you go out for Valentines or do you have a nice evening at home?


  1. Neat ideas! Hope all is going well :-)


  2. That espresso maker looks "way cool"! :) (I'm laughing, but it really DOES!)

    We stay in for Valentine's Day, but go out another day to celebrate. Can't deal with the crowds and overpriced holiday menus.

  3. We pick a night to go out that week, but it's not on Valentines Day.


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