Our Version of SNOW

If you remember, we had a bad time with ICE in a previous winter...
Well, ever since that disaster, Atlanta has tried to be cautious.  Some people (especially those further up North) like to make fun of us, but lets be honest... If you are not prepared for it, these "winter storms" can be pretty bad.  This year, they took no chance. Yes, it is funny, but I am NOT making fun.  I will always take the safe way when it involves my children!   My mom was here to visit and was planning on leaving Friday afternoon.  She was even going to surprise Broxton and have lunch with him at school.
I received 2 text messages (one from school, one from county)  I received 2 calls on my cell, (again city and county) I received a call on the home phone and then 4 emails.
School was going to be closing 2 hours early in preparation for the storm.  Yes, it was a bit excessive, but at least they were prepared and letting parents know in plenty of time.  I joked the next day that they were for sure not leaving anything up to go wrong.    Then, we received even more messages about bus riders, he doesn't even ride the bus, never has... so that was not needed... but again, rather safe than sorry.  
I told my mom what was going on and that she might want to leave early to avoid traffic.  We ended up getting Broxton from school a bit earlier than planned so he could see her before she left.  She made it home and we were ready for the storm.  Oh, did I mention that I hadn't done my regular shopping, so I had to go do that with all the madness of people stocking up on break and milk ready to be stuck inside for a few weeks!  Anyways, we got home and were ready for the weather to come our way... Nothing happened.  Broxton's old preschool teacher always does these old wives tales in hopes for snow, so we decided to do them too:
Ice was flushed down the toilet.
Pajama's were worn backwards.
A white crayon was placed in the freezer.

As I was cleaning the kitchen that night, I thought I saw something out the window... I called for Broxton to come look and seeing his face light up with excitement with the flurries made it all worth while to try and get snow to head our way!!!
Savannah was not really sure what to think about the snow, she kept looking at it as it flew around and seemed to be in amazement with it all.  

Hard to get a family picture when the boy wants to catch snow on his tongue and the girl wants to try and pull the snowflakes out of mama's hair!!!

He was so excited, he finally busted out the scooter to play outside in the middle of the snow.
It was just a few flurries, but it was so fun to him!!!!
The next morning, we had a verylittleamount of snow, but again, the excitement of a child makes it worth it all.  I brought a little inside for Savannah to check out while big brother was thinking about making a snow man.  FYI- snow man might have been a foot tall total had he tried to make it, but he decided to give up that idea and just play in it!

He wanted to know if he could bring some inside to keep in the freezer.  How do you say no?  Yep, we have 2 little snow balls / ice balls in the freezer as of this moment. (I think, they might be gone by now, not really sure.)   

THIS is all the snow we got in our neighborhood.
School closed early the day before, all sports were cancelled for the morning and places did not open until 1 pm to let the snow melt.  I hate that we did not get more, but at the same time, I am glad everyone is safe.  I do wish we would have an actual winter this year, as I feel we were robbed of one.  Guess we will wait until next year.

How are you and the weather where you are?  


  1. I should have done those tricks to try to get snow here. We had no such luck! I'm glad the kids had a little fun with it though.

  2. I lived in Pine Lake for 1 year, so I know how Atlanta works with snow. It was so surreal. It's not like that here. My boss is like, "Be here, or don't get paid." Of course there are lots of jobs where you have to be to work. I have lots of nurses in my family, so they always had to go in. I grew up living on a big hill, and it was our entertainment to look out the window to watch cars slide down the hill when we were kids. So odd that we enjoyed that! We got about 3 feet of snow, but talked about a lot more. It ended up being south of us. Other parts of Nebraska got hit hard. Like so hard that when they open the door, they can only see out the top. They'll have to dig themselves out.


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