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Do you have someone on your Fathers Day shopping list that is hard to buy for?
I know with my list it is pretty much just get what I think would be a hit and hope that they don't already have it ! When I saw the new (to me) products from Trudeau's Fuel line, I knew I had a hit.  I thought at first I would be using it for a "back to school" idea, but when my husband saw me taking it out of the box, he was oohing and ahhing over it for him.  (He takes his lunch with him to work each day, so this ended up being a great Fathers Day gift that he will be unwrapping soon enough!)
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Having worked with Trudeau in a review before, I should have not been shocked at the quality in these products.   They are the real deal!   I have looked at purchasing bento style boxes for Broxton's lunch, but when I start to check them out in the store, I realize that they are usually of a cheaper quality. Not the case here!
Get a full four-course meal with the FUEL Bento Box. This flexible, multifunctional container is perfect for designing a well-balanced meal and allows for some creative and delicious food pairings. The removable inner partitions provide clean separation between food items. Use this all-in-one container to pack fruits, veggies, proteins, salty snacks, or a sweet treat. Microwave safe, so you can heat conveniently heat up your meal. MSRP $16.99
Regular plastic containers and cutlery don’t exactly have the best lifespan as they become cloudy, scratched and degraded, making them more likely to leach chemicals into food. The 34 oz. capacity FUEL Food to Go Container is a sturdy, BPA free case that can hold both light and hearty meals, making it a breeze to take a fulfilling lunch to work or school. The container comes equipped with a removable cutlery case that contains a strong reusable fork and knife so you’ll never forget to take utensils with you. Microwave and dishwasher safe. MSRP $9.99

Making sure you and your family get the appropriate serving of vegetables on a daily basis can be a challenge, but FUELSalad on the Go makes packing a salad easier and tastier than ever. The container features an integrated ice pack to keep veggies cool, fresh, and crisp. The top lid comes with a salad dressing container that locks right in, making it convenient to pack your favorite dressing without having to worry about a mess. MSRP $15.99 

For all ages, dipping veggies or crackers into sauces, spreads, and dips makes healthy snacks much more enjoyable and tasty. The FUEL Snack'n Dip comes with a 5 oz. container to store snacks and a 2 oz. dipping compartment, making it easy to take nutritious treats on the go. A handy spreader is included snaps into the inner lid when not in use. From hummus and carrots to guacamole and chips to apples and peanut butter, the snacking options are endless! MSRP $4.99
This “perfect sized” Condiment Set includes three colored containers that are great to hold salad dressings, condiments, sauces, dips, nuts, etc. Each has a 1.5 oz. capacity. Great to manage meal sizes and snack portions. Leak-proof and BPA free. MSRP $5.99
The multipurpose 12 oz. FUEL Food’N Beverage container carries it all. It is made to hold both liquids and solids: soups, stews, fruit salad, snacks, and even beverages. Its sturdy double wall construction prevents spillage, while the lid doubles as a bowl or serving cup and the mid section can be used as a snack container. Its double wall construction allows for no heat retention and is also microwave safe. Perfect for storing small bites and a quick sip during sporting events, a walk in the park, or on the morning commute. MSRP $9.99

As I said, this is going to be used daily since my husband will be using it for work.  I figure with him, he will be putting it to the test as far as durability.  (Rough and rugged is an understatement!!!)  I thought that all of the products were pretty awesome, but the thing that both of us loved the most was the fact that the food to go container comes with cutlery included.  (He was shocked with that, as he seems to forget his silverware about half the time when taking food that needs it!)  They also have where you can purchase just the cutlery, but I love that it is made with this set, so you can't forget it.

I see us having to order more, especially when Broxton starts back to school.  I see that he will be wanting the food n' beverage, especially for colder days when he can take a soup!!!    I also believe that he will be asking for the snack n' dip for his carrots and ranch!   In all seriousness, I see that this will be something that both my boys will want, so we for sure will need to add more to our collection.
Head on over to Trudeau to see what all they carry. They have this whole Fuel line that I mentioned above, but they also have other products as well.  (Water bottles and lunch bags, just to name a few!) I really love the sleek look of the kiwi / white color combination, but they also offer raspberry too. Again, I have been really impressed with the whole line of products from Trudeau.
If you are looking to get a great Fathers Day gift for the man in your life that takes his lunch to work, or if you are looking ahead for back to school, head to the store and see what all they carry. 

Click here to see how to find out if a product is sold near you!  


  1. I like the containers that keep everything separated. We take our lunch to work nearly everyday, so we certainly go through containers.


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