Photo Books make great gifts for all occasions!

I have been a lover of photography my whole life. I have tons of photos and while they are not organized, I love looking at all of my pictures and remembering the day they were taken. Some are in boxes, some are in my lazy version of a scrapbook and there are more and more on my computer that I have never printed.  I knew that I was slacking in the scrapbook department, so I wanted to print a mini yearbook / scrapbook for Broxton for each year he is in school. (At least the younger years where I am at school a good amount of the time.)  I was able to get a chance to work with MPIX to print a photo book for us!!!   It was super easy and he was so excited to get it!!!
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I will be honest, I am one of the last ones holding out on digital books (I just love the whole feel of the book in my hand, I am online enough, I don't want to read on a computer type screen!)  As much as I am against digital books, I am SO THANKFUL for digital photography!!!   I take millions of pictures and I know I would just have rolls and rolls of film sitting around if I had to go take them to be developed like back in the day!   While I am not an e-reader, I have decided that I am all about making my photo book online and printing it versus doing it the old fashioned way.
Seriously, think about it...
You can upload your photos, print them, buy a book to put them in, cut them (if you want) then place them in your book.  (Glue, tape, whatever way you use.)
You can upload them, move them over to the book online, crop it to the size you want, then order your book and wait for it to be delivered.  Seems to me its easier, and I know it will get done, if I just go ahead and do it online.

He is very excited with his new book.  This is the first page you see when you open it up!

Fathers Day is coming up.
Why not take lots of photos of that special day and make him a Fathers Day book?
If you want him to have a gift to open that day, give him a little certificate telling him patience is a virtue and his gift is being created with love!!!  You could make him a book of that day, of the kids through the years, of a vacation, basically anything and it will be something he can treasure forever!

There are several different layout options you can choose from. 

Graduation just happened.
You could make a book of graduation day and the parties celebrating that milestone.
You could make a photo book of them with their senior friends through the years.  You could even make a book of them with their best friends for them to take if they are leaving and the friends are all headed to different schools.  Hey, you could even make a family album for them to take a piece of home with them as they head to college.

So many options, but the end result is the same.   A quality book that will bring smiles and fond memories for years to come!!!  With MPIX, you get to pick the number of photos you want per page. You can also pick and choose what color you want the background page to be.  His favorite color has been being blue, so we went with neutral colors and of course blue!!!  It was super easy to make the book, just pick your book, upload and go!!!  I had a blast making it for him and I know we will look back with fond memories of his first year of school!!!

Do you make scrapbooks for your children?
Have you ever made a photo book online?


  1. I really should make more of these.
    They are like stories.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I do like making them, and should make more of them!


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