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I am not sure about where you live, but around here we are officially in SUMMER BREAK mode.  I know some parents try to plan out the whole summer, others just go with the flow.  I am not judging either type, as I know you as a parent know whats best for your situation and your family.  That being said, we try to plan a few things...  KEY WORD IS TRY.  One thing we plan each year is Vacation Bible School, another we try to do is something fun and this year we will be hitting up Zoo Atlanta. Other than that, we just sort of let summer be full of random lazy days and adventure when we can.
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We have been to Zoo Atlanta numerous times and no matter how long (or short) it has been between visits, we always have a great time.  If you live in or near Atlanta, you need to make a day trip to the zoo!!!  If you aren't local, why not plan a vacation here.  You can make it a short one and hit a few spots or you can make it a bit longer.  There is so much to do, so you can really customize the vacation to fit your family desires as far as things to do and budget.  

Right before school let out, we had a field trip to the zoo.  The kids (all first graders) had a blast and it was nice having them get to see the animals and have fun. I did notice that there were high schools there also on field trips, so honestly it is for all ages!!!! 

Another time, our local MOMS group had a play date at the zoo.  I thought it was nice for us, since Broxton was in school and just Savannah and I went to enjoy a little girls time with the other moms and their young children.  
Have you ever gone on a day date?  Marc and I went once when Broxton was in school.  It's actually a totally different experience to visit the zoo as adults with no children to keep an eye on!!!  You can enjoy taking your time, reading the signs and photographing the different exhibits!!!!

What I love about our Zoo is that you can bring a picnic in and sit down and enjoy it at the park. Note- no glass, no straws and no alcohol.   Don't worry, they also have eating places where you can purchase a snack or a meal or just a drink while you are there.  
I will offer one piece of advice, purchase your tickets online!!!  They have several options and by looking online at your convenience you can see what works best for you.  

Have you ever been to Zoo Atlanta?   What is your favorite animal to see at any zoo???


  1. I have been. I like the sloth. They are so interesting because they are so slow.

  2. What a fun place. I've heard of it before.
    I would love to visit.

  3. I have been there on vacation years ago.. I have relatives that live in Atlanta. My family and I had a great experience t it. I wish we could go back.. Your pictures bring back sweet memories!!ere and really en


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