Mommy Camp? Farm Week? Help from the Bubble Guppies!!!

You know what I have started noticing more and more, thanks to Social Media?  Mommy Camps!! In case you don't know, let me share with you!   Some moms have started doing themed weeks.  You pick a subject and do different activities to go along with the theme for the week.  Sort of like a summer camp at home.
I recently received the new Bubble Guppies DVD - Fun on the Farm and it would be great to tie in to a Farming week. You could read books about farming, watch this DVD, try to plan a garden at your house and if you look online, you might be able to find a farm near you that will allow you to take a little "Field trip" to work into the fun week!!!! 
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Bubble Guppies fans won't want to miss this new collection of fantastic farm-themed episodes in Bubble Guppies: Fun on the Farm, which hits shelves May 10. This new collection explores the world of farming as the Bubble Guppies meet new animal friends like Bubble Kitty and Spring Chicken, and join in exciting farm events like the Cowgirl Parade. In the five featured episodes, the Bubble Guppies meet new friends that oink, moo and buzz, having tons of farming fun along the way.
Bubble Guppies: Fun on the Farm includes the following episodes:
  • Have a Cow!              
  • The Cowgirl Parade!             
  • The Spring Chicken is Coming!                     
  • The Bubble Bee-Athalon!                   
  • Bubble Kitty!             
Running Time: 120 Minutes
Audio: English, Spanish and French audio tracks
S.R.P.: $15.99

Have you heard of Mommy Camp?  
Do you host a mommy camp for your children?


  1. I remember when the kids loved the guppies so much!


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