Send them off to school in style!! @Lootcrate makes a great gift #Quest

Do you know someone getting ready to head off to school?  (Seems like the summers just keep getting shorter and shorter!!!!)   Anyways, if you know a cool kid heading to school, look at getting them a subscription box to Loot Crate!!!  We are still amazed each month at the different items that they seem to find that they put in the monthly box!!!  With Loot Crate they will not only get really cool items to decorate their place, they will also be the talk of the town with the clothing items that they include!!!
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I am still completely loving that they guarantee a shirt included in every Loot Crate that they send out.  I love that each month is a theme and they really do make sure you get your monies worth in your order!!!  We have been lucky enough to review both the Loot Crate and the Level Up subscriptions, so I can tell you...  awesome items!!!

In the Level Up subscription, this long sleeved t-shirt was included. I was not familiar with it (lucky for me, the shirt had the name of the movie on the inside of it. Also, they include a brochure that tells you what all is in there.)  I went to my friends to get their opinion on this.  I - had - NO - IDEA that The Princess Bride was such a classic movie for so many of my friends and family!!!   I was one of the very VERY few that had never seen it.  Don't worry, we have since changed that.  (Thanks so much, Netflix!  I am no longer shunned by my friends!)   

Another item in the Level Up order were Star Trek leggings.  Now, I will go ahead and admit right now.  Not a Star Trek fan. Never have been, doubt I ever will be.  I do think these leggings are cute, but just not my style.  I know many would love them, just not for me.  Not to worry though, because when I saw the next item in there, it made up for it all!!!!!  

THE GOONIES!!!! Yep!! They had a goonies t-shirt in there.  I am so excited about this one here.  You have no clue!!!!! Besides the cool factor of it, it is super soft!!!  Score a big one there!

This 20 sided Die Ice Mold was included in the Loot Crate.  I have no clue where it is from, but I honestly don't care.  I think it is super cool and I can not wait to surprise Broxton with some funky ice soon!!!  It just yells summer time fun!  

I hate to admit this one, but we have never seen the show VIKINGS - It was renewed for Season 5, so it must be pretty cool  All I know is that Broxton's school are the Vikings, so I am going to find a cool way to work this in for a back to school treat for him. 

There were other items in both of the subscriptions, but these were the main items I thought I should focus on this time around.  With the passing of David Bowie, I thought it was nice they added this shirt in the box.  (Another movie that I guess I need to add to my list to see at some point.)  

Do you do subscription boxes?  Out of everything mentioned above, which items did you like the most? I am thinking about possibly hosting a giveaway for you to win one of the items that they sent me.  Just wondering your thoughts!!! (It will not be the Goonies shirt, that is for sure!)  


  1. I've seen the ads for this lootcrate.
    I like their gift options.


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