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Let's cut to the chase...  Do you realize that since school has started back most places, it can only mean one thing. CHRISTMAS is getting closer and closer!  Seriously, for real.  Like, I am not ready to that "so and so many days until Christmas" but I AM ready to start figuring out what I want to buy those on my list.  Thank goodness for the Groupon Goods, as I have already been eyeing a few items for a few must have items!
Are you one that shops early or do you wait?  I used to shop and be totally done by the end of October.  Yeah, then I realized that HELLO... you are buying for KIDS that change their mind a million times.  What is the MUST HAVE item they want in October might be a NO WAY IN THE WORLD gift come December 25th. 

A friend of mine was singing praises about the magnetic blocks that she bought for her grandchildren and I can see on the groupon website that they currently have them with a 75% discount.  Know what that means?  More money saved.  So, you can either buy more, or you can use the savings to not make yourself go more and more in debt purchasing the biggest and best must have items.  I know I am all about saving, so this is a great way to do so.  You and I both know we want to save money when we can!!!!
Yes, you can use groupon to purchase bigger ticket items (like spa days and events) you can use groupon coupons to save money and you can use groupon to purchase all sorts of goodies.  I have already got my eye on a few things for Savannah and Broxton that I want to buy to put under the tree this year.  From camera's to tablets, perfume to toys.  I am telling you.  Why go fight the crowd when you can sit at home in your PJ's and buy all you need and want with a few moves and clicks on your computer?  
Check out Groupon.  I am sure you can save a few dollars!  (Might even get yourself something while you're looking!)  

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