My Pancakes Taste Different Today #RaisingAReader

Do you talk to your kids about the world around them? I don't mean pointing out the birds and the trees, but explaining to them how the world works?  I don't do it as often as I should, but after reading My Pancakes Taste Different Today, I know we will be having a conversation soon.  
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I will tell you now that this isn't a book that I normally would pick out to read at the library, or one that I would run to the store to buy, but after reading it, it does make you want to start a bit of conversation.
In My Pancakes Taste Different Today, we meet Ethan.  He is excited to go out fishing, but first fills up on a big plate of pancakes made by his mom.  He thanks her for them and she explains that everyone around them had a part in making them taste so great. (I loved that, my grandaddy was a farmer and they don't get the recognition they deserve if you ask me.) Ethan heads out to fish and is having a great time.  I guess his parents never told him about littering, because next think you know he chunks trash into the pond.  (No worries here, we have talked about littering and how it is bad, to the point that is drives Broxton as mad as us when we see someone littering.)  Long story short, he makes a big mistake, the world suffers big consequences and then he tries to right his wrong.  You will need to buy the book to read all about it.  I did think it was a great way to explain how big of a deal a little littering can become.
I think that I might donate this book to Broxton's school so that more kids can read it and understand a little more how much can change with one decision.  

Do you talk to your kids about littering?  


  1. Yes I do. They are great about recycling, and composting. Then Isaak will go outside and throw paper airplanes in the air. I make him find them after they've blown away.


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